Episode 67 Kim Possible: An Important Change (2/3)

Just pray, dude – no success for Ron in the past, and now he’s facing it once again! Oh no, so how can Ron keep dating Kim? He can’t use free checks forever, and this really makes his girl shame! What now? [Content] Now Monique couldn’t remain silent anymore, she must do something to help Kimmie get rid of these shames. The best way is make Ron richer – and it’s up to him to find a common job to make money. But hey, no one said that he must be a distributor, especial Cucumber! Sorry, no time for question, we got mission to solve. The target is located in San Francisco, and Kim had the duty to prevent Shego from stealing a secret book. Ron & Junior may relax by try ‘n’ take the last parking – however Shego’s got what she needs, so they immediately ran away. Ron may drive Kim and follow them, but there’s a train coming in their way!!! Not a problem with Kim’s Smart Car, but the next blockade: Ocean — is way more terrible! Jim & Tim already turned this Sedan into Smart Type, but they missed out one important function: Drive oversea… Hell, damn it! Nothing to do with Kim now, she must wait till Junior’s next action… By the way, Ron still tried to find any jobs he can do, but probably, nothing worked here! Ah men, so how can Ron treat Kim nice without any money? He will never be richer no matter what jobs he tried!!! So go on, back to the mission mates! Junior has suggested one secret temple to hide the book, but he soon faced up Kim behind — wait, doesn’t she face any

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