ePallet, the Leading Wholesale Grocery Online Marketplace, Announces Partnership With Cooking Oil and Condiment Maker Ventura Foods

ePallet, the nation’s leading wholesale food and grocery products online wholesale marketplace, is pleased to announce a partnership with Ventura Foods, a leading manufacturer of branded and custom-made dressings, sauces, mayonnaise, margarines, oils and shortenings. ePallet will now offer Ventura Foods’ range of branded products, including Melfry Premium Frying Oil, Sauce Craft Sauces and Classic Gourmet Mayonnaise at wholesale to its foodservice customers.
Utilizing its proprietary, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven platform at www.ePallet.com, ePallet provides customers with user-friendly, direct access to a more efficient and cost-effective way to buy and sell food and consumables in full-pallet increments.
Working under the slogan “True Wholesale,” ePallet’s business model allows buyers to purchase affordable, quality food, grocery and foodservice products from a wide range of trusted global and local brands, with no hidden costs, according to ePallet Co-founder and CEO James Kwon. The company works with over 1,700 natural, organic and conventional manufacturers and more than 3,000 brands.
“We chose ePallet because of their unique business model,” said Stacie Wyrick, Director of Digital and eCommerce for Ventura Foods, based in Brea, CA. “Their accessible platform expands the reach of our brands and provides yet another way for Ventura Foods to delight even more customers, regardless of their size, scope or scale.”
Disrupting Traditional Distribution Models
ePallet offers an innovative approach that disrupts the traditional supply chain where layers of middlemen typically add markups of 10% to 40%. With ePallet’s machine-learning platform delivering “True Wholesale,” customers benefit from real-time, net-net delivered pricing in full-pallet increments. ePallet also offers wholesale customers the option to build mixed-pallet orders from vendors.
“Our customers view ePallet as a revolutionary technological breakthrough in transparency and simplicity that removes the pain of selling and buying in pallet quantities for both vendors and buyers,” Kwon said. “ePallet makes it easy to save both time and money with real-time-delivered pricing and all the product information you need on one convenient, single-source platform,” he added.
About ePallet
Established in 2017 and based in Los Angeles, CA, ePallet is a technology and logistics company that makes it easy and efficient to buy and sell wholesale food, grocery and related consumer products by the pallet. The company serves retailers, manufacturers, foodservice companies, institutions and vendors in the lower 48 states and Canada and is expanding into Mexico, helping businesses and organizations secure their supply chain from a wider range of sources.
To learn more, and to sign up for ePallet, visit www.ePallet.com.
About Ventura FoodsVentura Foods is a leading producer of dressings and sauces, mayonnaises, margarine and butter blends, and oils and shortenings. Our customers include foodservice companies, retailers, and food manufacturers in the U.S., Canada and more than 60 countries. In addition, our consumer brands available at retail include Marie’s® dressings, LouAna® oils, Dean’s® dips and Gold n’ Soft® spreads. The company is a privately held joint venture of CHS, Inc. and Mitsui & Co. 
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