Envoy America Partners With Access2Care to Expand Access to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles in Houston, Texas

Envoy America and Access2Care are pleased to announce a partnership in Houston and the Harris County area to provide transportation and companionship services for Medicaid and Medicare members in need of life-sustaining medical treatment. To help ensure safe and reliable transportation for Medicaid members, Envoy America recently purchased 10 new wheelchair-accessible vehicles, an $800,000 investment that will increase Access2Care’s ability to assist more individuals with mobility needs access medically necessary services. 
Through a contract with Access2Care, Envoy America helps arrange and provide companionship, assistance, and transportation for Medicaid and Medicare members in need of medical treatment in Harris County. “The partnership between Envoy America and Access2Care is a multiple ‘win’ relationship,” said K.C. Kanaan, CEO of Envoy America. “It’s not only a win for Envoy America and Access2Care, but it’s a win for the health plan members who receive critically needed care.” Envoy America plans to first hire 15-20 new employees in Houston and then replicate the same model in other cities across Texas.
Access2Care is one of the nation’s largest managers of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) service and currently provides NEMT and managed transportation services to Medicaid and Medicare members through government and managed care organization (MCO) contracts. 
“This is an important investment on behalf of both Envoy America and Access2Care,” said Scott Ghan, Regional Director for Access2Care. “We are increasing access to lifesaving care for individuals with mobility issues throughout the Harris County and surrounding area, and this model will eventually be replicated in communities across the state.” 
Source: Envoy America