Envoy America Guarantees Its Driver Companions 60% Higher Pay Than the Leading Rideshare Company

Envoy America, the first and largest national service provider for seniors, the infirm and disabled, announced it launched an incentive program to help its Driver Companions earn more as states begin to pull back some of their pandemic restrictions and roll out vaccines. 
Unlike other rideshare companies, Envoy America saw a dramatic increase in demand for its services over the past year because of the company’s unique operating model. The company was able to keep its clients, some who are vulnerable and immunocompromised, safer by providing them with a higher level of one-on-one service while making it easier for its corporate clients to do business across the country.
Instead of the standard pick-up and drop-off service of traditional ridesharing/transportation companies, Envoy America offers door-to-door service where the Driver Companions not only drive but also provide assistance and companionship services at all points along the journey, from escorting clients to and from medical appointments, to pushing a grocery cart, to running errands, and more. All Driver Companions undergo specialized training, including senior and patient sensitivity, CPR, a senior memory module specifically designed by Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, etc., all of which makes them especially qualified to understand and serve their clients. Envoy America engages Driver Companions who view assisting others as a calling – not just a job. 
“Envoy America Driver Companions are a community unlike any other group of third-party independent contractors. They love working with seniors and patients, care about making a positive impact in the lives of seniors/patients and their families and are excited to be brand ambassadors for Envoy America’s mission,” said Monica Escalante, Chief of Staff and Head of Operations. “We are excited and look forward to working with our community of Driver Companions across the country to create a win/win relationship with them. ”
“Being a Driver Companion with Envoy America is a great way to do good, earn cash on your schedule and work when you want,” said K. C. Kanaan, Chief Executive Officer of Envoy America. “It’s simple and ideal for those looking for caregiving, gig, temporary or any type of part-time opportunities.”
Those interested in being a Driver Companion for Envoy America must pass a drug test/background/driving record screening, possess a valid driver’s license, be at least 23 years old, own a senior-friendly late model or in-excellent-condition four-door sedan or small SUV, have updated vehicle registration and insurance and have a First Aid/CPR Certificate or be willing to obtain one. To apply, please visit https://envoyamerica.com/drive/.
Source: Envoy America