Environmental Commodities Corporation Commissions Mine Gas Incineration Project

Environmental Commodities Corporation (ECC) in collaboration with Mountain Coal Company has commissioned a mine gas mitigation project at the West Elk Mine. The project utilizes ECC’s Methane Emission Control System (MECS), which has been deployed on underground mines throughout the United States. This is the first MECS deployment on an active section of an underground mine.
By voluntarily capturing and destroying methane on active sections of the mine, the project is able to generate emission offset credits that will partially finance implementation and operating costs. The project has been recognized by leading energy companies, regulators, environmental financiers, and technology providers as a successful voluntary joint effort to reduce the environmental impact of coal mining operations. Listed with the American Carbon Registry, the project operates under California’s cap-and-trade program.
Ben Apple, Principal at ECC, recognized the invaluable collaboration with mine management. “Mountain Coal Company will continue to produce coal for many years,” Apple said. “The commitment to the project and support from all mine personnel are testaments to their environmental stewardship.”
Weston Norris, Mine Manager of the West Elk Mine, highlighted the importance of working beyond environmental compliance and commented, “By reducing our environmental footprint, we further our leadership and demonstrate a role for new environmental technologies in the mining industry.”
About Environmental Commodities Corporation
Environmental Commodities Corporation, based in Boulder, Colorado, develops, owns, and operates methane abatement technologies across the U.S. With operations in eight states and cumulative destruction of over three million tons of greenhouse gases, Environmental Commodities Corporation is one of the largest producers of industrial greenhouse gas emission offsets in North America and the sole supplier of MECS technology. 
About Mountain Coal Company
Mountain Coal Company operates the West Elk Mine, located in Somerset, Colorado. The West Elk Mine employs 270 people and produced approximately 2.5 million tons of thermal coal last year.
Source: Environmental Commodities Corporation