Entrepreneurs Invited to Apply for Shark Tank®-Style Pitch Event in Naples, Florida, Hosted by Accanito Capital Group

Calling all Florida entrepreneurs! Accanito Capital Group, a Florida-based private equity firm, today announced they will be hosting a Shark Tank®-style pitch event on October 9 at the Arthrex Innovation Hotel in Naples, Florida. The event gives local entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their product or service to a Board of Advisors for investment consideration.
Accanito Capital Group has a track record of successful investments in software and technology companies. But, every year, the firm actively seeks investment opportunities outside of their technology focus, capitalizing entrepreneurs from their local Collier County community — and the Florida business community at large.
“We have a great pedigree in helping propel local startups,” says Accanito Chief Operations Officer Blake Cathey. “And we’re excited to meet other local entrepreneurs and invite them to share their creative ideas, products and services with us.”
Accanito Capital boasts a demonstrable history of strengthening the companies with which they partner. Most fast-growing businesses have a road map to growth, however, lack the funding and knowledge to support the full cycle. As businesses grow, complexity thrives. Accanito Capital Group not only provides a capital infusion, but they also provide a wide range of support to their partners — including leadership coaching and development, sales and marketing strategy, employee development, and a bevy of shared resources.
One local business that Accanito has partnered with and supported is Versagym — Southwest Florida’s first mobile gym. Commenting on his experience of working with Accanito as an investment partner, Versagym Founder Carlos Garcia says, “Working with Accanito Capital has been an amazing journey. Their resources and support have helped me grow my business to new heights.”
Showtime is October 9, as everyone descends on the picturesque Innovation Hotel in Naples, Florida, for what will surely be a fun and productive event. From the pool of applicants, Accanito Capital will select eight entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas. Each will have a 30-minute slot — 20 minutes to present and a 10-minute Q&A to follow. Then, the presenter will receive valuable feedback from a seasoned panel of advisors — and perhaps the opportunity for a capital investment.
“As an entrepreneur, I’m intimately familiar with the hard work and ingenuity it takes to bootstrap a business,” says Accanito Founder Brent Seaman. “Entrepreneurs pour themselves into their work and we’re humbled to be able to review their ideas for a potential investment. We’re thrilled to welcome some fresh entrepreneurs into the Accanito Capital family of companies.”
If you have a business idea, product or service, apply here for consideration.
About Accanito Capital:
Accanito Capital Group, LLC is a venture capital group, a holding company whose goals center around driving revenue for small to mid-sized businesses experiencing fast-tracked growth. Aside from providing support through funding, we step in behind the ownership and their management team to provide mentorship and human capital allowing companies to navigate around the complex issues that are holding them back from the next stage of growth. For more information, visit www.accanitocapital.com.
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Source: Accanito Capital Group