EnerGenie Launches Electricity Concierge Service in Texas Using Intuitive Technology to Help Lower Customers’ Electricity Bills

With the cost of electricity on the rise, customers are looking for ways to cut their energy bills. To help them find the best deals, EnerGenie has launched a new electricity concierge service for deregulated areas of Texas that uses intuitive technology to compare prices and usage patterns so it can recommend the best plan for each customer.
“With the price of electricity rates increasing, and uncertainty in the market, this is a difficult time for consumers, especially with gimmicky electricity rates and misleading market practices,” said Tohra Shariff, President of EnerGenie.
“Electricity is our business, and we are helping our customers navigate this minefield to avoid falling prey to shady practices and helping to lower their electricity bills,” she continued.
It is estimated that the average household in Texas spent between $1,600-$2,000 on electricity in the year 2020, and this is only going to increase.
“Who has the time to really sit down and spend hours researching and sorting through hundreds of electricity rates to find the best deal? That’s where we come in. EnerGenie’s algorithms take that burden and uncertainty off our customers,” Tohra adds.
When customers choose EnerGenie, EnerGenie compares hundreds of plans against the customer’s usage, as well as other factors. Using this advanced method, EnerGenie runs thousands of calculations to find the best plan for each customer, saving them time and money.
This gives consumers peace of mind knowing that they are signed up for the best rate based on their specific electricity usage.
After EnerGenie has identified the best plan and enrolled the customer with their new electricity service, EnerGenie continues to monitor the customer’s usage along with market trends.
“It seems as though a lot of people are unaware of how valuable this service can be in reducing their monthly expenses,” says Tohra. “EnerGenie works for anyone who needs a helping hand in a confusing electricity market.”
Here is how EnerGenie works:
Sign Up: The first step is to sign up with EnerGenie and provide some basic information. Once customers have signed up, EnerGenie then compares hundreds of electricity rates, running thousands of calculations to match customers with the best plan for them.
Enroll: Once EnerGenie identifies the best plan, EnerGenie enrolls the customer with the retail electric provider and sets them up on autopay. Customers are brought on to the new plan with zero disruption between electric service providers. If any issues or questions arise, EnerGenie is ready to handle it. EnerGenie also automatically starts searching for the customer’s next great rate when it’s time to renew service.
Electricity Concierge Services: The company offers continuous energy concierge services for its customers. EnerGenie protects customers against unfair rates and continually monitors the market and how that affects each of its customers. Customers can use EnerGenie’s innovative service if they’re moving into a new home, need to switch providers, or simply want to free themselves from having to navigate a tricky electricity market.
Loyalty Program: From the start, rewarding customers has been a core belief of EnerGenie. The company realizes the importance of each customer and part of its vision is to reward customers for every step along the way. Points can be accrued by referring friends and family, or simply paying their subscription fee. Accrued points can be redeemed for rewards.
The future is bright for EnerGenie and its customers. EnerGenie is committed to working for what is in the best interest of the customer and will continue to innovate in this space.
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EnerGenie is an online electricity concierge service for Texans that uses intelligent technology to find and enroll customers in the best electricity plan for their needs. Start saving with EnerGenie today.
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