EMWorks and GMTO Corporation Collaborate on the Giant Magellan Telescope Project

GMTO Corporation and EMWorks Inc. are collaborating on critical elements of the design and development of the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT). At 24.5-meters in diameter, the GMT will useseven large astronomical mirrors that are combined to form a single coherent optical system capable of producing images ten times sharper than the Hubble Space Telescope.

EMWorks’ 3D electromagnetic design and simulation software, EMS, will help the engineers at GMTO simulate the movement and function of eddy current dampers, optimizing the design. These dampers will be integrated into the support actuators which shape the main mirrors of the telescope and are used to reduce the stress the mirrors would experience during a seismic event. EMS software will help in predicting the non-axial forces present in the system, optimizing the magnets size and clearance between the magnet array and the actuator. “We selected the EMS software package for their commitment to quality, experience in electromagnetics, and their untethered belief in public serviceand advancement of science and technology,” added Barbara Fischer, GMTO M1 Subsystem Manager.

“This collaboration is all about high tech leaders joining forces to address some of the biggest challenges in astronomical engineering. We are grateful to EMWorks for their generous support,” said Dr. Robert Shelton, President of GMTO.

Dr. Ahmed Khebir, President of EMWorks Inc. said, “Weare excitedto collaborate with GMTO Corporation on this project. It gives us great pleasure that our product, EMS, will enable GMTO to optimize their designs of the eddy current dampers. We are always looking to serve the community for the growth of science and exploration of outer space.”

About the Giant Magellan Telescope
The Giant Magellan Telescope is an “Extremely Large Telescope” designed to provide unprecedented clarity and sensitivity for observing astronomical phenomena. The telescope’s primary mirror combines seven circular mirror segments,each with a diameter of 8.4 meters (27 feet), forming an effective aperture of 24.5 meters in diameter. GMT will embark on a mission of discovery to explore the origins of matter and the formation of the first stars and galaxies. Moreover, it will help uncover the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy. The GMT will be located at Las Campanas Observatory in the Chilean Andes. The Giant Magellan Telescope project consists of an international consortium of leading educational institutions.

About GMTO Corporation
The GMTO Corporation is a standalone non-stock non-profitUS (Delaware) based corporation created to execute the development and operation of the Giant Magellan Telescope facility on behalf of a consortium of academic and research institutions.

About EMWorks Inc.
EMWorks is a leading provider of electromagnetic simulation software for electrical and electronics design. EMWorks products cover a whole range of applications such as electromagnetic field simulation, antenna design, transformer design, magnetic field simulation, and electric motor design software. EMWorks’ flagship products are EMS, HFWorks, MotorWizard, and EMWorks2D. Our products are fully embedded in SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor. In addition to handling frequencies ranging from DC to millimeter wave, our products come with built-in integrated thermal, structural, and motion analyses in a hassle-free multi-physics platform.