EmpMonitor Prohibits Insider Hazards With Amazing Stealth Mode Technology

EmpMonitor, intelligent employee productivity management, cum tracking application, upgraded its unique “Stealth Mode” feature to lend a helping hand to managers to keep track of their employees productivity ratio, and ensure their full contribution towards their work. Using this advanced feature, the software creates a strategy wherein the equipment of employee monitoring software kept confidential so that employees don’t behave indifferently and continue with their routine behavior at the workplace.

The folks at EmpMonitor researched industries and found a prominent demand for a monitoring solution that works as a backroom boy without disclosing its assembling. Since complete access lies in the admin’s hands, he/she can do the desired settings as per the company data security needs.

One of the representatives of EmpMonitor said, “Our software installation remains purposely hidden until employers want to disclose. Neither it shows among the list of programs on the desktop, nor the task manager can identify it.”

Clients using EmpMonitor say, “ We are significantly increasing our productivity ratio, as EmpMonitor helps us to know the time, where are employees are wasting time and what resources are needed to enhance productivity.”

With stealth mode, an extra layer of protection combines with the existing security features. But along with the Stealth mode function, the platform also provides user-oriented security arrangements to track employees’ conduct along with the perk of valuable data accumulation to figure out shady proceedings, investigate the potential data breach, thus guarantees enterprise obedience.

Some of the must-see features of EmpMonitor include:-
1. It allows remote monitoring from any corner of the world without even a little mistake or inaccurate pieces of statistics.

2. It’s cloud-based engineering that stores a high amount of data and offers real-time tracking for optimal results.

3. The monitoring giant works automatically. It requires fewer manual actions and paperwork.

4. It also maintains a virtual report sheet of employees’ login/logout timings to assist managers during performance evaluation sessions.

5. It comes with a comprehensive yet easy to use dashboard, where admin can check the analytics, ongoing activities, and grab other useful insights.

About EmpMonitor
EmpMonitor delivers credible employee screening solutions and threats prohibition within the organizations. The platform is successfully operating by thousands of educational institutes, IT firms, businesses, non-profit authorities across the globe to eliminate malicious activities apart from boosting the team’s productivity. To get thorough information, visit https://empmonitor.com. Follow EmpMonitor on Twitter @EmpMonitor and follow us on https://bit.ly/2MXh34Y.