Employastar Introduces a One-Stop Solution for Every Recruitment Woe

Offering a whole new perspective on recruiting, Employastar, a cloud-based recruitment software provider seems to have the answer every recruiter had been waiting for with bated breath. The company’s advanced Salesforce Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can streamline the entire recruitment process for the recruiter and the applicant alike, right from the initial stage of job posting up until a suitable candidate is on-boarded and even beyond. All the magic takes place due to 20+ service modules and a powerful 10-step process that has all the core elements of the recruitment cycle covered.

Looking through the Magnifying Lens:

Employastar’s bold claims are supported by their cloud recruitment software’s comprehensive features, some of which are discussed below –
• Highly automated resume parsing feature to pick out the most relevant candidates

• Powerful search engine to run filtered searches for a diverse database with a single click

• Billing calendars to ensure timely payments

• Advanced Vendor Management System (VMS) to manage all vendors from a centralized platform

• Highly penetrating, customizable, inclusive, and easily accessible recruitment dashboard for better workforce analysis

• Email and SMS generation tool for bulk yet effective communication – client and candidate

• Invoice module to track every financial transaction and eliminate all discrepancies

• Profit and loss module to stay updated of the company’s current financial position

That’s just a sneak peek! Further down awaits other useful features like portal integration, appointment management, insurance module, timesheets, leave management module, HR spoc login, referral module, background verification, and more.

Who Stands to Benefit?
Employastar’s recruiting agency software is a helpful tool for –
• Staffing agencies wanting to easily manage their end-to-end activities

• Organizations looking to streamline their contract staffing activities

• Corporate HRs in need of a centralized database to effectively select the best fit

• Simplified campus placement process

Custom-Made Packages:
The company’s Applicant Tracking System is available in multiple customizable packages, each designed to cater to the needs of different organizations. The most economical option – the Basic package – is ideal for small-sized organizations, the Professional package is the best solution for medium-sized organizations, and the Enterprise package is all-inclusive to match staffing needs on a large scale.

About Employastar:
Committed to transforming the recruitment scenario, Employastar is a cloud-based recruitment solution provider whose scalable hiring strategies and solutions have successfully placed nearly 1,00,000 senior personnel in Fortune companies worldwide. Combining the best of experience, research, and expertise, we help HRs in bringing home the best fit and staffing agencies in bridging the gap between organizations and the right talent. Our technologically-injected cloud-based recruitment software is cost-effective, time-saving, secure, reduces workload, and has a high storage capacity. Our sole mission is to serve our clients in the best possible way through recruitment solutions that make recruitment a cakewalk.