Employastar Has the Answers to Every Recruiter’s Woes

Bangalore, Karnataka: The woes of recruitment are many, and respites? Few. Committed to easing the burden of every recruiter worldwide, Employastar, a cloud-based recruitment solution provider has introduced an advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that is powered by the indisputably number-one CRM platform in the world – Salesforce. With over 20 ATS service modules and a robust 10-step process covering all core elements of the recruitment cycle, the software is designed to make the hiring process smooth-sailing for both the applicant and the recruiter – right from the time of candidate sourcing up until the final phase of on-boarding and beyond.

Salient Features of the Software:

To help recruiters take their hiring strategies to the next level, Employastar’s recruiting agency software is technologically-injected with the following exciting features –

• Automated resume parsing that supports all kinds of formats

• Powerful search engine capable of penetrating through gargantuan volumes of data

• Customizable, inclusive, user and mobile-friendly recruitment dashboard for a quick overview

• Billing calendars to streamline and never miss a payment

• Automated Vendor Management System (VMS) for multiple job requisitions at once

• Profit and Loss Module to quantify measure of income and plan hiring strategies accordingly

• Powerful invoice module to stay updated of every transaction

• Seamless template-based email and SMS generation tool to keep everyone in the loop – be it clients or candidates

• Portal integration to access all job portals and social media platforms from a centralized integrated interface

That’s not it! The list is practically endless with features such as interview scheduling, appointment management, time-sheets, insurance module, leave management module, HR spoc login, background verification, and referral module bundled together in this cloud recruitment software designed to be the ultimate salve from the hassles of conventional recruiting.

These recruiting solutions are best-suited for staffing agencies looking to manage their end-to-end activities, organizations looking to streamline their contract staffing activities, Corporate HRs in need of a centralized and accessible database with enterprise-level ATS features, and for better and smoother campus hiring.