Emerging trends in the work from home jobs landscape

An increasingly large number of  companies are now offering their employees the option to work from home. The trend has now expanded to  a variety of job types across various businesses.  It is estimated that as many as 30 million Americans telecommute at least one day a week.
Wider broadband penetration, great improvement in the quality of video conferencing and voice communication technology solutions now make it possible for the masses to work from home and still have access to all the technical tools they need to perform their job functions. Wireless Internet solutions now let telecommuters work while they are on the road and they are no longer confined to their home office. Even when working from home, wireless products for home use now let telecommuters work from any part of the house.
Technology related jobs continue to dominate the work from home landscape with software development and graphics design leading the way and accounting for approximately 40% of the skill sets sought.  PHP, Java, HTML, .Net and Ajax are still in strong demand for software developers and website and logo design, animation and illustration are the core skills needed for graphics designers willing to work from home.
Market research is also an excellent choice for people seeking work from home opportunities. Companies spend billions of dollars every year in collecting and analyzing consumer feedback. Paid surveys let people get paid to share their opinion about products and services and they can be done from the comfort of home very easily. While this might not seem like a consistent source of income, getting involved in enough surveys can provide an additional income source. Paid surveys is a game of numbers and one needs to be willing to sign up with hundreds of paid survey companies. There are automation tools available which make the process of survey taking more efficient.
Writing related jobs are good choices for work from home projects. With the boom in web content generation needs, writers find themselves with many options including article writing, technical writing, academic writing and content creation opportunities. Freelance writing jobs are available as full time jobs or as freelancing projects. Established freelancers continue getting new assignments without having to go through the entire process of finding work.
As the demand for work from home jobs increases, there are service providers that bring together such jobs at a centralized location for easy access. While there are plenty of work from home jobs, not all opportunities are the same. The diversity of available jobs forces people seeking such work to carefully evaluate their options. A lot of scam operations have sprung up exploiting this phenomenon and are either charging money for bogus opportunities or information that is easily available for free.
However, there are also genuine paid services that make it easier for anyone to start a freelance career. A paid service attracts serious freelancers and as such corporations looking for freelancers prefer to partner with services that charge for the service. If you are starting out as a freelancer, you should seriously consider joining a paid service and once you have enough contacts in the industry, you’ll get a steady stream of work without having to pay for a service.

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