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sign up here: funsboo.com I just finished listening to a webinar with Mike Cowles about Emergency Money Marketing. As usual, Mike gives many tips that you can use straight away. This webinar is a little bit different thought. Apart from explaining what you need to make money online, Mike invites you to join his 2-day workshop where he is going to teach his friend Cory how to make $1000 online even if you have no list, no product, and no experience. Cory is a complete newbie, he does not even have a blog, and has never bought any IM products. But this this workshop is not just for people new to Internet Marketing. During the webinar Mike gave us a tip on approaching the IM gurus — very busy people, and definitely not interested in every “business offer” presented to them — in a way that will make them pay attention to what you say. I know quite a lot about building and marketing businesses online, and I have heard about many ways of building your JV list but never the way Mike recommends. It is brilliant. So whether you have tried making money online before and got frustrated, or this is your first step in building your online business, join the Emergency Cash Marketing Workshop straight away. The door closes on Sunday so join now before it is too late. Emergency Cash Marketing Workshop

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