Elizabeth Newlon, Director, NERA Economic Consulting to Speak at “No-Poach” Agreement Enforcement: Hot-Buttons in 2020 and Beyond LIVE Webcast

This event is scheduled for Tuesday, December 10, 2019 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm ET.

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About Elizabeth Newlon
Dr. Newlon has extensive expertise in applying economics and statistical analysis in matters relating to labor and antitrust litigation in healthcare, delivery services, high-tech, and financial industries. At the nexus of labor and antitrust litigation, Dr. Newlon has significant experience evaluating allegations of compensation suppression by employers through both no-poaching and wage-fixing agreements. She has testified and consulted extensively as a labor and employment expert for companies such as Wal-Mart and FedEx Ground, and she brings her expansive knowledge of labor economics and labor markets to her work on wage suppression matters. Dr. Newlon testified as the labor expert in Johana Paola Beltran, et al., v. Interexchange, Inc., et al., a matter in which labor violations flowed from the allegation of price-fixing of au pair stipends. Dr. Newlon also led the Defense’s research team on the High-Tech Antitrust Litigation, a case involving multiple Defendants alleged to have suppressed over 60,000 employees’ wages through informal no-cold call agreements. Dr. Newlon also has experience analyzing liability issues with respect to wage-fixing agreements related to travel and per diem nurses.

About NERA Economic Consulting
NERA Economic Consulting is a global leader in economic analysis and consulting. With nearly 400 experts in 25 offices around the world, the firm applies economic, finance, and quantitative principles to solve complex business challenges and legal questions. Our experts advise clients and, when necessary testify, on some of today’s most difficult problems in the fields of antitrust and competition, intellectual property, securities and finance, transfer pricing, and energy, communications, and infrastructure issues. NERA is known for providing clear, independent, defensible analysis innovation in the application of economics, statistics, and data analysis.

“No-poach” agreements remain to be the U.S. government’s top antitrust enforcement agenda as shown by the latest advocacy efforts of the Department of Justice (DOJ). Just recently, the DOJ filed Statements of Interest in a number of pending lawsuits to clarify that “no-poach” agreements involved in those cases were not per se unlawful and should be examined under federal antitrust laws. Although the DOJ’s statements might help defendants in securing a case’s dismissal, changes in relevant antitrust doctrine can pose significant challenges. Furthermore, state attorneys general and private plaintiffs are expected to continuously challenge no-poach agreements in the context of state antitrust laws.

To help antitrust and human resources (HR) professionals understand no-poach agreement enforcement, The Knowledge Group has assembled a panel of key thought leaders to provide an in-depth discussion of the most recent regulatory and judicial developments during a LIVE Webcast. They will also offer the best compliance practices and effective litigation strategies to avoid risks and pitfalls.

About The Knowledge Group
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