Elision Announced Remote Agent Add-on for VICIDial to Combat COVID 19

Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, more popularly known as Elision, is a leading IT company. The company has been catering to the customers in the call center and similar industry verticals. The company has its own proprietary call center software, called, DialShree. Furthermore, the company has been offering VICIDial customization and similar services to the call center industry. The company has developed many ready to use add-ons which can be integrated into VICIDial. Recently, the spokesperson of the company announced that the company has launched the “Remote Agent” add-on for VICIDial call center solution users.

As per the shared details, this Remote Agent add-on is a ready to use add-on and can be integrated into the VICIDial call center solution within minimum time. This is perfect for all call centers and similar companies which use VICIDial to run their calling campaigns.

What is the Remote Agent add-on?

This is an add-on that can be integrated in the VICIDial, which is an open source call center software. Once integrated, it allows call centers to take benefit of the Remote Agent work model at its best. As COVID19 cases are increasing, the “Work from Home” has become a necessity. Here, this add-on can be very useful.

As per the shared details, this add-on lets agents work from home. They can use any one of the working models available with this add-on. Both working models are briefed below:

1. Work with all call center software features and less mobility
In this case, all calls, regardless of the fact that it is inbound or outbound, will be routed to the mobile phone of the agents. An agent needs to stay online in the VICIDial agent portal. When he attends a call on his phone, all the details of the call will be shown in the VICIDial agent panel. The agent can use all options available to control the call. He can also see the predefined script.

The agent has to be in front of the system. Thus, it reduces mobility.

2. Work with limited features and more mobility
In this case, all calls will be routed to the mobile phone of an agent and he will not need to login to the call center software. All calls could be answered via agent mobile phone. The limitation here is the agent cannot access script, call transfer, and other features available in the agent panel of VICIDial.

The agent does not need to stay logged into the software. Thus, it provides the highest mobility.

In both cases, the mobile phones of agents need to be registered by the admin and the call routing rules need to be set so calls can be sent to the mobile phones of the agents. Reports will also log these calls.

About Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd
It is an IT company based in India and with centers in the USA and Mexico. The company offers unified communication solutions to its global customers. VICIDial customization and related services are one of the renowned services offered by this company. The company also has some ready to use add-ons to provide missing functionalities to the VICIDial users. To know more about VICIDial customization and other related services offered by the company, please visit https://www.elisiontec.com/vicidial-goautodial-solution/