‘Eleven Days to the Promised Land’ is an Autobiographical Account of Dino Pavlou, an Impoverished Boy Who Finds Success in America

“Eleven Days to the Promised Land: A Timely Realization of the Past and the Present”: an autobiography by Dino Pavlou with James Farrell that takes readers along for the journey with Dino as he leaves his entire world behind to start a new life in America.
Dino plunges into New York City in 1952 carrying along bad memories. In a new world fresh with possibilities, he holds fast to his father’s promise of the American Dream, a dream that takes him far beyond anything he could have ever imagined. But amidst the exciting rise to triumph and success, tragedy strikes, and the demons of his past return in vivid color to haunt him. Lost and bereft of his emotional compass, the man who thought he had it all loses his spirit.
Can this impoverished boy from a war-torn country find the spark that will help him achieve and appreciate tranquility, love, and success in America?
Dino writes, “I want to share my story. One that’s meant to bring the reader through the journey of my youthful desperation into a life of hope and inspiration. From a rustic childhood in my Greek village to the glittering heyday of NYC supper clubs. I want to share it all. The captivating, the heartfelt, the poignant, as well as uproariously amusing episodes involving world-famous icons and infamous personalities into whose orbits I was pulled. Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Anthony Quinn, George Steinbrenner, Audie Murphy, Mafia members, and more. All well-known names. Except for mine. My name is Dino Pavlou and this is my story.”
Readers who want to experience Dino’s incredible journey for themselves can purchase “Eleven Days to the Promised Land: A Timely Realization of the Past and the Present” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.
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