Electronic Team Releases JustStream 2.0 – Streaming and Mirroring App With M1 Support

JustStream is a streaming macOS application that can send video, audio files, and screencasts from macOS to various WiFi receivers. That includes Chromecast, Apple TV, Smart TV, and other AirPlay and DLNA-certified devices.
The new release version of JustStream increases the app’s utility with several additions. These additions will serve to improve user experience in several ways.
JustStream 2.0 has added support for Apple Silicon (M1). So now, video conversion is much lighter on the CPU. Consequently, a Macbook battery can hold its charge for longer. The change is intended to improve Macbook’s usefulness as a portable device.
As transcoding takes less battery power, a larger variety of media formats can find use in conditions where charging is inaccessible. Universal format compatibility is bolstered in conjunction with M1 support.
JustStream 2.0 for macOS introduces compatibility with AirPlay 2 protocol, ensuring connectivity with modern hardware. Any device can benefit from the customization offered by JustStream settings.
With the update, JustStream 2.0 may connect to Roku TVs as well. 
For more information, visit the Just Stream Official Page
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