Edwards Pavers Shares Top Bluestone Paving Ideas to Inspire Summer Projects

Summer is the perfect time to undertake renovation projects, both indoors and outdoors. Bluestone pavers have long been a favourite in Australian homes and gardens; from the minimal to the dramatic, bluestone pavers experts Edwards Pavers reveal their top bluestone paving ideas that can transform any space this summer.
If the budget is tight or there is minimal space to work with, Edwards Pavers suggests incorporating small amounts of bluestone into an outdoor space. Little touches such as a garden path, a stairway or crazy paving can make a significant difference in the appearance of an outdoor area. In and of itself, bluestone makes a statement wherever it’s laid. Its dark hues give it a modern, sleek look and create a gorgeous contrast against the surrounding flora. 
If there’s a little bit more wiggle room in the budget or if homeowners are looking for a drastic, full-fledged renovation, there’s no shortage of creative ways to incorporate bluestone into an outdoor space in a major way. Of course, paving a pool deck or a patio area is a failsafe way to use bluestone. However, bluestone can also be used in more unique ways, says Edwards Pavers: install a one-of-a-kind feature using bluestone boulders, add height to a garden with a bluestone retaining wall or add a retro touch with a sunken bluestone firepit. 
Because bluestone is famously durable and timelessly beautiful, it’s a practical decision for any type of outdoor feature. There is no shortage of ways in which to use bluestone in any outdoor space, no matter how big or small. For more ideas or to get started on a bluestone project, get in touch with the Edwards Pavers team today.
Source: Edwards Pavers