Edible Insect Company Announces Launch of Cricket Cakes, a New Pancake and Waffle Mix Made With Over 350+ Crickets

Cricket Flours LLC, Portland’s first edible insect startup, officially releases its new Cricket Cakes product made from over 350+ powdered and milled crickets for a boost of protein and nutrition to start the mornings off right. 
The Cricket Cakes buttermilk pancake and waffle mix contains over 16g of protein per cup, and 60% of the daily value of B12 (based on a 2,000 calorie daily diet). Manufactured by Cricket Flours in Portland, Oregon, Cricket Cakes is launching nationwide this Thursday, Feb. 11, 2021, and is available directly to consumers through the Cricket Flours website at www.CricketFlours.com and through the company’s other physical and digital marketplaces. 
“I’ve read about edible insects before, but I never knew what to do with them – it’s not like most people have cricket recipes pinned or saved to their phones. However, my kids absolutely loved making the Cricket Cakes together, and it was great knowing they can get a boost of protein from eating over 300 crickets … I think I’ll tell them about that last part tomorrow!” – Bryan Edwards
Charles Wilson, the founder of Cricket Flours, added, “Our goal is always to create new products that highlight not only how edible insects may be used in new ways for a boost of protein and nutrition, but also to create those experiences and memories that you can share with friends and family, too.” Cricket Cakes are crafted to reach both of these goals by delivering an easy-to-cook buttermilk pancake milk that can be made on a busy weekday morning, or on a relaxed weekend, by only requiring a few simple steps to create those cherished memories.  Simply add water to the Cricket Cakes mix and start cooking.     
To learn more, check out the Cricket Cakes directly from Cricket Flours at https://www.cricketflours.com/product/cricket-cakes/.  
For more information about this release, please call Charles Wilson at 503.383.9218 or email at charles@cricketflours.com. For access to available media files for the Cricket Cakes or to request a sample to use and review live, please email/call Charles or access the media files directly at https://rb.gy/walykw.
Source: Cricket Flours LLC