Eddie A. U. Akpan’s New Book, ‘Is Your Inner Person Okay?’ is an Enthralling Journey to Believing That the Spirit Has Answers for the Curious Minds of People

Eddie A. U. Akpan, a writer with a Ph.D in electrical engineering, a petroleum engineer, ex-military in United States Army, former NASA employee, former university professor; has completed his new book, “Is Your Inner Person Okay?”: a profound book about the interconnections among humans, God, and Satan.

Eddie writes, “These are the questions on the minds of people. Who is the Spirit, and what role does he play in my life daily? What do I get if I pay attention to him? And who is Satan and what role does he play in my life? God (the Spirit) wants us to prosper. How will his instructions concerning wealth change my life? Is it wise to make double payments on loans? How quickly can I deplete my retirement account? Is divorce a spiritual curveball? Why does the divorce rate go up even as the number of marriage counselors and books on marriage go up? Where do people go after they finish their work and transition to the next life? How can we achieve happiness? The Spirit has the answers. When we are short on answers to any questions, we turn to science if the questions relate to the physical world. But we go to the source of all wisdom and knowledge if science is inadequate. The Spirit is the source of all things, seen or unseen, including health, wisdom, understanding, and material abundance.
“Dr. Eddie A. U. Akpan writes about the interconnections among humans, God, and Satan. His aim in this book is to elucidate the work of the spiritual principalities, and how they work in our inner being. God wants us to prosper, Satan is happy when we are hurting; they work in opposition. We are physical and spiritual systems. Signals we receive from these principalities are our inputs. Our thoughts and deeds are our outputs. Consequently, God and Satan use human beings to engender the events we see in the world.”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Eddie A. U. Akpan’s new book is an enlightening material that emphasizes the work of the spiritual principalities and how they significantly affect our inner being.
Readers can purchase “Is Your Inner Person Okay?” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Covenant Books