EcoSmart Solution Brings Additional Green Offerings to Millican Reserve

EcoSmart Solution announced today that it has signed an agreement with Millican Reserve to bring its EcoSmart GeoGrid and additional geothermal infrastructure, solar PV systems and energy monitoring and optimization to up to 2,000+ residential units at the iconic College Station conservancy. New participating homeowners at Millican Reserve will enjoy very low or zero utility bills and a significantly lower carbon footprint with their zero-energy capable homes; each home will be one of the most energy-efficient homes in Texas.
Millican Reserve is a Master Planned Community about 10 miles southeast of Texas A&M University in the City of College Station. The community site is just over 2,500 acres and is planned for a mixture of residential homes, commercial, civic, and open space, including retail, restaurants, and a conference center with overnight accommodations.
The community developers’ vision for Millican Reserve is to build “a healthy community around nature.” Millican Reserve intends to be a national leader in energy conservation and sustainability and is a natural partner for the EcoSmart Solution approach to thoughtful and sustainable, master planned community development.
EcoSmart Solution will provide a master energy plan for the community and implement its innovative technology program that includes use of geothermal and solar resources and energy monitoring and management to create homes that are zero energy capable. Like the award-winning Whisper Valley community in Austin, Texas, residents of Millican Reserve will be able to dramatically lower their energy bills, make a difference for the environment and create more value with their own homes.
“We immediately recognized that EcoSmart Solution’s ethos matched ours,” said Jack McFarlane, Millican Reserve partner. “They believe in creating a more sustainable future for our residents in an affordable way, which is one of our important goals at Millican Reserve.”
“We are very excited to bring our technologies to Millican Reserve,” said John Towle, CEO of EcoSmart Solution. “This development will be unique and set a new standard for environmental sensitivity and energy conservation in the state of Texas.”
“We are witnessing a massive shift in land development and homebuying trends,” said Towle. “Consumers are demanding sustainable and ecologically friendly living.” EcoSmart Solution provides this in an affordable, renewable and carbon-free manner. “We’re excited to partner with Millican Reserve to jointly implement our compatible visions and make this a model for future community developments across the country.” 
About EcoSmart Solution
EcoSmart Solution is a green energy services provider focused on designing and delivering an innovative geothermal infrastructure combined with a comprehensive suite of distributed energy resources. EcoSmart Solution partners with developers and builders to create energy-efficient communities and homes that provide affordable, comfortable, healthy, and sustainable living.
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About Millican Reserve
Millican Reserve is being developed by Millican Land Development, LLC. The company has a vision to create a conservation-focused, healthy, and vibrant master planned community around nature with a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.
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Source: EcoSmart Solution