Ecommerce Website Produx Reaches Out to Neighbourhood Local Stores to Set Up Online Stores

The multi-vendor Ecommerce website sets its eyes on local merchants with a view to capitalize on these sellers need to find quick and cost-effective way to regain lost sales volumes and to attract new customer bases to back to at least its earlier state.

An Ecommerce venture of EMART EVENTURES, Produx sells everything from essentials to luxury goods and services including homes and villas in its website. The move by Produx to strengthen the local shops by enabling them to sell their goodies and wares online will be seen as a big encouragement to boost local businesses especially during this social restrictions imposed due to corona scare. Produx with this significant attempt strives to reach out to local stores across several districts in India starting with Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu.

Though the primary focus of Produx gets to be on attracting local sellers of essential products, eventually it plans to rope in other category products and also services. The broad list of categories Produx envisions to sell online are Essentials like grocery, fruits & vegetables, dry fruits, meat & eggs, edible oils, organic foods, Home care products, Personal care products, Clothing & fashion accessories, Footwear, Home appliances, Home decor / home style, Home electronics, Cooked food, Gourmet, Mobiles & mobile accessories, Home-made products including home-made chocolates, handmade soaps, Computer hardware, Builder hardware, Gifting items, Cookery & Crockery , Stationery, et al.

In order to make it a real boost to the Pop & Mom shops, Produx listing charges are kept very minimal. So, the Company expects that many local sellers will be encouraged and that will result in large scale participation of neighbourhood stores and shops.

Through this strategic step, Produx aims to gain a foothold in the Ecommerce segment by helping the local stores to increase their sales multi-fold within a very short time period and as a result their morale. The retail industry especially the standalone single owner stores bore the brunt of corona virus lockdown. The stakeholders of feel that their Ecommerce platform gives a great sense of reprieve to the hard-hit local shopkeepers and help them bounce back to earlier state within relatively very short time frames.

The Company can be reached through, and +91-9042012011 / +91-8825715294.