Ecommerce Subscription Company Sees 70% Growth in First Month With Sprinkles Media

Helmed by Jess Park and Tyler Eisenhart, Sprinkles Media offers clients everything from comprehensive search engine marketing to custom website design. 
Sprinkles Media and Loot Crate
Started in 2012 by Chris Davis and Matthew Arevalo and touted as the “#1 Pop Culture Subscription,” Loot Crate has become a pop culture powerhouse. 
Loot Crate has left an indelible mark on subscribers everywhere, delivering random gaming, TV, movie, and comic ephemera to fanatics’ doorsteps. 
Whether it’s the magic of Harry Potter or collectible gear from your favorite video games, Loot Crate has something for everyone.
When Loot Crate partnered with Sprinkles Media, the company sought better paid search efforts due to sound SEO strategies, ad copy testing, in-depth keyword research, and weekly search query scrubs. 
By monitoring these aspects of site performance, user activity, and more, the team at Sprinkles Media created a custom-made business strategy for Loot Crate that ushered in some staggering results.
What the company got was a breathtaking surge in subscriptions:
“We worked with Loot Crate to improve their paid search efforts on Google and Microsoft and helped them successfully generate 64% more conversions. We also helped improve CPA 24% in the first month,” says Eisenhart.
This impressive increase in subscriptions thanks to Sprinkles Media bodes well for Loot Crate’s recent rollout of Loot Crate’s Limited Edition Crate Series. Subscribers can choose between crates like the Pixar Limited Edition Series, Loot Crate Artist: Junji Ito, and an Inuyasha Special Edition Crate.
‘Sprinkles is For Winners’
Even a successful company like Loot Crate needs a new fresh coat of paint, and Sprinkles Media obliged. 
“Working with Tyler on SEM initiatives has been a pure pleasure. His expertise in the field and clear communication on strategies makes me feel confident in our marketing growth,” says Loot Crate Performance Marketing Manager Marc Gutierrez.
“I know I am in safe hands with Sprinkles Media.”
With increases in both subscriptions and sales, it’s easy to see why Gutierrez and Loot Crate trust Sprinkles Media.
Sprinkles Media is a digital marketing startup launched in January 2021. Sprinkles Media offers a comprehensive, holistic marketing approach.
For more information on Sprinkles Media, visit the official site.
For more information about Loot Crate, be sure to visit the official site and explore all the pop culture memorabilia at your fingertips. 
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