Ebizbrokerage.com Offers a Free Series of Articles on Selling Your Business by Owner (FSBO)

Http://Ebizbrokerage.com, a Colorado corporation, has today announced a complete new series of articles that are published to assist for sale by owner small business sellers (FSBO). Ebizbrokerage.com is a top U.S.-based listing portal for business buyers, sellers and business brokers across the United States.
“While it may seem contradictory to our operation, we truly believe that many small business owners can execute an asset sale without broker assistance,” said Tom Lutes, president of Ebiz Brokerage. “And we are happy to provide this assistance at no cost to these sellers in the form of a series of helpful tips. Of course, we are always available to assist with our online brokerage services, but our goal is to build a good neighbor relationship with our small business friends.”
EbizBrokerage.com offers business brokers the opportunity to display their listings on their website that is marketed across dozens of online channels. Leads are then distributed to participating subscribing brokers. “With our low subscription prices, generating even one lead that results in a sale will pay for the annual subscription many times over,” said Lutes. “For Sale by Owner” listers can also generate buyer leads that are segmented by area and industry. This buyer interest is then directed to the FSBO business owner.
Ebizbrokerage.com is very active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist and many other marketing sites. Their relationships with both buyers and sellers is second to none, and they enjoy every minute of helping small business owners become successful entrepreneurs. Http://ebizbrokerage.com offers listing services for brick-and-mortar operations, new and resale franchise businesses, and online businesses of all types. Small business owners can list directly with Ebiz in 36 states. Their online brokerage service is the first of it’s kind in the U.S. and offers full listing services for businesses with a 1.0 million valuation or less at just 5% listing fee. This is an extraordinary change in the way businesses have been sold in the past by local business brokers who charge typically between 8% to 12% of the sale price. Contact today if you would like assistance with a listing or just want to read their series of articles on FSBO business sales.
When buyers are seeking new opportunities, Ebizbrokerage.com is the first place they look for acquisitions and information articles. As their tagline reads: “Our Mission is Your Success.”
Tom Lutes
Ebiz Brokerage.com, Inc.
Source: Ebiz Brokerage