Eat Your Way To A Six Pack: Recipes from The Six Pack Revolution by Scott Harrison is published

ISBN #978-1786236708
Six Packs are made in the kitchen!

Eat Your Way To A Six Pack: Recipes from The Six Pack Revolution by Scott Harrison is published

About the Book:
On the journey to living your best life, fitness and wellbeing are so important and now we’re making it easier than ever.

At The Six Pack Revolution we’ve helped thousands of people around the world achieve life-changing results through nutrition, fitness and mindfulness.

This book has over 100 recipes packed with layers of flavour and texture that start with delicious whole foods and are really easy to prepare in your own kitchen.

We’ll help you achieve a better understanding of how to fuel your body, train smarter and get into the best shape of your life!

About the Author:
Scott Harrison is a Nutrition and Fitness Professional who has transformed hundreds of peoples’ lives. Being a Martial Artist for the past 33 years and competed at National Level, he has trained adult and children, both beginners and experienced to a high standard of technical ability. Health and fitness is a huge passion for Scott, and he is a major advocate for personal development. There is nothing he enjoys more than affecting people’s lives positively and helping them push themselves and achieving goals way beyond the levels they thought possible.

He is direct, authentic and endlessly passionate about helping people transform their body and mind. He is a fully-qualified Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Black Belt Karate Instructor and Scott has a real passion for food and cooking, as explained in this book.

Scott is the Founder of The Six Pack Revolution fitness programme. See:

Review on Amazon:
Wordly Traveller
5.0 out of 5 stars

“A book about how to eat well, keep fit & feel energised

I loved this book! I feel more upbeat, stronger, in control of my life and that I’m moving in the right direction having tried out some of Scott’s healthy & delicious recipes.

This cookbook also has really useful nutritional advice to help raise your energy levels & improve your fitness. It talks about the foods we should eat and when we should eat them. It breaks food down into the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and offers useful guidance and practical tips, along with healthy recipes for readers to cook themselves into fitness which involves having the correct balance of nutrition, the proper mindset and approach to healthy eating, and the right workout programme.

Staying healthy is all about how much you eat, when you eat, the quality of what you eat, and understanding and putting into practice the nutritional and culinary expertise provided in this useful book.

I’d recommend this book to anyone, not just couch potatoes, as it improves both your self-confidence as well as your physique. It’s certainly livened up my life in more ways than one!”

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