EasyRedir Launches Detailed Analytics Reporting

EasyRedir, the world’s leading enterprise URL redirection service, announces the availability of their detailed analytics features. The new analytics dashboard offers a clear and detailed analysis of your redirects than what was possible before. This enables IT Departments, Marketing Teams, and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to drill down even further into their traffic to see each unique request and response by redirect. Detailed analytics delivers a better at-a-glance visualization of the traffic sources, visitor geography, traffic referrer, and technology stack used. 
EasyRedir was built to help web developers and site managers with a consistent way to manage URL redirects and the new detailed analytics gives significant power into understanding and visualization of how they’re being used. This allows analysts to quickly deliver insights with little effort. They’ve created at-a-glance summaries by redirect that are designed to quickly show the number of requests each had, the protocol that was used, and which response code was returned (e.g. 301, 302, 404). With easy-to-read graphs giving you the overview and trends, users can hover directly to get deeper insights.
“Our goal for detailed analytics is for you to confirm that EasyRedir is processing your URL redirects in the way that you expect, to reveal more information about the location and technology of your audience, and learn how they’re finding your content.”

William Richards, Founder and CEO of EasyRedir.
Designed with the end user in mind, the new detailed analytics is available on their Business Plan and higher. Now you can take the insights you’ve garnered from the analytics platform and create actionable outcomes. By clicking on the menu next to each redirect metrics, you can choose to view its overview, view the source URL, edit it or delete it. This feature ensures that you’re able to quickly make changes based on the newly uncovered information.
About EasyRedir
EasyRedir is a URL redirection service that enables businesses to easily direct web traffic to where they need it, so customers and stakeholders can access their valuable online content and services. EasyRedir has extensive experience in large enterprise systems design and development and caters to all businesses with an online presence. The EasyRedir team includes experts in cloud software architecture and development, product design, DevOps, sales, and finance. EasyRedir also has a strong support team and a network of specialists ready to assist you with your URL redirection needs.
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