Easy Work at Home Jobs – No Such Animal

I know, I know, all kinds of articles and web pages are saying that you can find easy work at home jobs. Well, I say don’t count on it! I have been searching for that pie in the sky easy job for about four years now and still have not latched on to it. I just do not believe that such an animal exists. It is sort of like looking for the Abominable Snowman or Loch-Ness monster and they just do not exist.
Okay then, so I guess I am just stuck working for the man all my life and never getting my own work at home business going, is that what you are saying? No way! There are plenty of things you can do to make money form the comfort of your home it is just that they are not easy work at home jobs. Lets face the facts any business that is going to make any money, brick and mortar or Internet based, is going to take work. That is just the way it is.
There are a lot of people making money form home working on their computer and in fact I am sitting here at home typing this article because I make money but it is not one of those easy work at home jobs. I would not be doing this if I did not. However, it is not a two hour work day and I rake in thousands of dollars. It takes hard work and you really do need to learn the ins and outs of the Internet Marketing world. Working productively online is no easy work at home job.
I make most of my money as an affiliate marketer warming up potential buyers for larger companies like Amazon, Best Buy and many others. My job is to simply (not easily though) send targeted traffic to their sales pages. No overhead, shipping or customer service for me that is at their end of the business. All I do is collect the commission from the sale that is eventually made by them. It is basically word of mouth advertising that you do on the computer and you get paid for it.
I remember the last time I was out in San Diego, California riding through town we saw all these guys and gals outside restaurants spinning fancy signs for deals on the meals it was pretty cool to see. Well they no doubt got paid by the hour and it looked like hard work. I do just about the same thing only I get paid for each sale or perhaps even for every click. It is also hard work and not one of the easy work at home jobs you may be looking for. It is pretty cool though.
I mentioned earlier that I started my search about four years ago and it took a while before I realized that there is no free money or easy money to be made apart from thievery or fraud and I am not into that at all. I hope you do not want to resort to that either. There are no easy work at home jobs but once you get going and learning how to do some of them they are very manageable and you really can make a lot of money online.

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