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bit.ly Whenever this author discusses domain flipping I tend to stress a single point. Which would be that domains are being advertised as investments and they are not. Though, that’s not to say profits can’t be made, since there are some successful domain flippers. For the laymen, a domain is simply an address on the internet with an extension that ranges from.com to.org. While separate extensions can be registered by different people. A single name with a single extension can’t be registered by someone else as long as your paying the bills to own that domain name. Meaning, while you’re in possession of a domain name, as long as your not infringing on someone else’s copyright, you may do with it as you please. Including reselling the domain to someone else at a profit or loss. While some laws govern this free trade, the most notorious form of domain flipping has been domain squatting. Squatting is buying a domain name of a registered entity and slenderizing that entity until they bought the domain name from the owner. Since then it has become illegal and domain flipping has lost some of it’s appeal to people who partook in that form of slander. Aside from the people who abused flipping others have invented new ways to profit. More modern methods can be discussed in forums found on the internet. While these methods are not proven, as a result, they will not be discussed here. The most valuable resource for profiting in flipping is the who.is website. Depending on the