Earn Money Just Like Banks Do: LendingUSA, LLC Offers an Income-Generating Investment Opportunity for Individual Investors With Rates Up to 10% APY

LendingUSA, LLC (“LendingUSA”) is giving power back to eligible* individual investors through Secured Promissory Notes (“Notes”). Investing in Notes means that investors have the opportunity to maximize their returns, earning a fixed rate as high as 10% on a five-year term, or 7.5% on a three-year term.
Alternative investments are one of the fastest-growing asset classes, offering less volatility and a fixed rate income. With the popularity of alternative assets, investors are looking for opportunities less reliant on the stock market. When individual investors can diversify investments outside of the stock market, they can hold a more stable portfolio overall.
Notes are an asset class that can provide higher yields than other non-liquid investment opportunities. LendingUSA Notes1 can earn yields between 7.5% on a three-year term up to 10% on a five-year term. LendingUSA’s high yield notes are secured by a diversified portfolio of consumer term loans, allowing individual investors to earn interest paid on the Notes without excess fees.
With high yield returns, investors can expect a fixed monthly income through earned interest from an asset class that is often dominated by big banks. “Typically, only big banks and institutional investors can earn interest on loans,” says Camilo Concha, Founder and CEO of LendingUSA. “With this opportunity, now individual accredited investors can access those returns as well and effectively earn money just like banks do.”
With LendingUSA, individuals can become investors in this multi-billion-dollar industry with a minimum investment amount of $25,000. Interested individual investors can learn more and get started here, or call us at (866) 728-2340 for more information.
About LendingUSA
LendingUSA is an award-winning point-of-sale fintech company that offers merchants a seamless financing solution with access to loan decisions in seconds, promotional financing terms, and low monthly payment options for its customers across various markets. Founded in 2015, LendingUSA has enrolled over 10,000 merchants nationwide and has processed over $2 billion in borrower loan requests.
LendingUSA is committed to creating the best financing experience available through its proprietary point-of-sale lending solution. The company boasts a consumer rating of 4.8 out of five stars on Birdeye. All consumer loans are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey state-chartered bank, Member FDIC.
*   To be eligible to invest, you must meet certain requirements as established by SEC Rule 506(b) of Regulation D
The foregoing press release is not an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to purchase Notes issued by LCUSA Echo, LLC. All statements in this press release regarding the investment opportunity, are necessarily incomplete and are strictly summary in nature as is further elaborated upon in the disclosures located here.
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Amanda Krebs, Marketing Manager
Source: LendingUSA