DxMinds’ technology solutions to support businesses amidst Covid-19 pandemic

Masters in delivering high-end technology solutions across the globe, DxMinds technologies has developed various technology solution, highly customizable, that are capable of assisting businesses and ensure smooth flow amid this Covid-19 pandemic.

Bangalore, India: Corona Virus has become a threat not only for the human lives but also for the entire economy. Various domains of businesses set up across the globe have shattered completely soon after the corona outbreak. Only a few nations could remain unaffected by this virus attack, but the tensions that are booming up globally are affecting these countries as well.

Conventional ways of running businesses are what got disrupted because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Soon after realizing the situation, businesses started to adopt alternatives ways of operations. It includes activities such as work from home, remote working, digitalization, online meetings, etc. Many of the organizations have found this as the perfect way to increase productivity. It is in this context that DxMinds Technologies, the fastest growing digital transformation company is offering end-to-end technology solutions for businesses to survive this corona season. What makes these solutions standalone is it’s a high degree of customization rate. The high-end business solutions offered by DxMinds are as follows: Dr. DX, DxBasket, DxHyperlocal, DxFlix, DxLMS, DxQuickcall, DxOnlineGaming, and DxBots.AI.

Dr. DX deals with consulting a doctor online by minimizing the risks and chances of physical contact. Amid all of these tensions, consultants prefer more of digital consultation rather than physical. For enhancing the e-commerce industry and to make every sale online, DxBasket can be leveraged. There is a sudden boost in the rate of online sales because of the corona attack. Also, it can deliver the best results, whereas DxHyperlocal is all about managing hyper-local delivery businesses by the best use of technology. This minimizes the unnecessary travel of people from one place to the other within the premises. Demand for a business solution like DxFlix is gaining huge popularity as users prefer watching movies rather than watching it at the movie theatres. Schools, colleges, and universities got severely affected by the corona outbreak. DxLMS is a Learning Management Solution which offers the best experiences to both students and tutors. All of the educational institutions are onboarding digital technologies for overcoming the hassles caused by the pandemic. When it comes to making online calls in just a matter of time, DxQuickcall is the right tool for businesses. DxOnlineGaming is all about coming up with world-class games with the best graphics, visual effects, and technologies. Amid the virus outbreak, business is running out of man-power, and the customer relationships are not maintained properly. DxBots.AI can be the right solution to overcome this.

“All of these solutions are specially designed and developed to work perfectly in the present kind of situation, where the business operations will not get affected by the impact of the corona outbreak. Moreover, the appreciation of this kind of business solutions are gaining from the customer community is much great as they prefer the same. Also, it can be integrated to any scenarios as per customer prerequisite as it is highly customizable. These solutions hold a high degree of revolutionary factor within it.” commented Mr. Bhabani Sankar Jena, Founder, and CEO, DxMinds Technologies.

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