DUZ Pro V3, the Premium Dryer for Pets Made by IM Co., Ltd, Soon to Launch on Kickstarter

IM Co., Korea’s leading startup in innovative home appliances, has made its name with their proprietary DUZ pet dryer in both the Korean and Japanese markets. After collecting customer feedback from their previous models, the team is launching a new and improved third model to the crowdfunding community.
DUZ Pro V3’s Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) is the secret behind its exceptional wind power. This results in a wind speed that has been tested to be more powerful than traditional pet dryers. Along with this sturdy motor, its hands-free arrangement allows pet owners to brush simultaneously as their pet dries, cutting down the grooming time from 60 minutes to just 30.
The IM team’s vision is to provide pet owners with the experience of a professional groomer’s at home, where owners have more control and can put personal care into the process. “Getting your pet groomed at home is no easy task,” admits Steven Sung, IM’s CEO. “We want DUZ Pro V3 to redefine how both you and your pet feel about the grooming process.”
To make the drying process as personally fitted as each pet and home needs, DUZ Pro V3 offers a wide array of options. It has four different arrangement types—stand, hand-held, desk clamp, and wall bracket—and four different diffuser nozzles—basic, circle, wide, and Y-shaped. It then also has a total of 30 different combination modes with its five wind speeds and six temperature stages. This was a point of feedback raised from users of their previous model, which only had 12 combinations.
Sung expressed his excitement of finally presenting DUZ Pro V3 after two years of development. For a limited 30-days, starting Jan. 25, 2021, DUZ Pro V3 will be available for pre-order at a 46% discount off the retail price. In order to learn more about DUZ Pro V3, visit DUZ Pro V3 on Kickstarter or http://www.en.duzdryer.com/.
Source: IM Co., LTD