Durabook Rugged Computers Provide Oil and Gas Field Workers Protected Mobile Solutions

Durabook, the global rugged mobile solutions brand owned by Twinhead International Corporation, offers a range of rugged computers for field workers in the oil and gas industry, where they are considered essential tools. Durabook rugged computers are up to the task for applications such as asset management, field data analysis, running diagnostics, and ensuring on-site safety in challenging environments with poor air quality, humidity, explosive atmosphere, salt and fog, and high temperatures.
“Durabook rugged computers withstand the harshest environments,” states Tom Wang, Durabook Americas president. “Each one is built with the latest technology, providing an exceptionally high-performing mobile computing device for use across the whole plant or refinery. These particular models are suitable for use in specified hazardous locations across oil and gas, petrochemical manufacturing, mining, and other industries with potentially explosive atmospheres.”
Features found in Durabook rugged computers include:
ANSI/ISA C1D2 Certification
ANSI C1D2 is a widely accepted built-in safety standard for rugged computers used in hazardous environments worldwide. C1 means the units may be used where gases, vapors, and liquids are present; D2 means the units are safe for use in an explosive environment during normal operating conditions. This certification allows oil and gas companies using Durabook rugged computers so rated to have on-site conferences, provide remote support, and run diagnostics with the highest accuracy.
Ultimate Computer Power
Durabook rugged computers are equipped with powerful Intel® Core™ processors and operate on Windows® OS, enabling users to run the latest software and programs while improving field engineer’s productivity and efficiency.
Real-Time Connectivity
4G LTE, Bluetooth®, and Wi-Fi deliver seamless connectivity for real-time communications between the field and office while built-in GPS provides accurate location tracking and geographic overviews.
Long Battery Life
Durabook rugged computers can continuously operate anywhere from 16 to 25 hours without swapping the battery in a potentially hazardous environment, which can be a risk of accidental explosion due to an electrical ignition.
Superior Viewing Clarity
A full HD 1080p display along with Durabook’s proprietary DynaVue® technology provide superior image quality. Brightness of up to 1000 nits, special light-filtering technology, and the highest contrast ratio among rugged devices help eliminate internal reflections and enhance viewing clarity when viewed at different angles and in bright sunshine or low-light conditions.
Uncompromised Ruggedness
Durabook rugged computers are certified to meet MIL-STD 810H and MIL-STD-810G standards, withstand up to 6-foot drops, and achieve IP65 certification, delivering the roughness that oil and gas field engineers need.
Look for these Durabook fully rugged computers:
Z14I Rugged Laptop
More rugged than other comparable devices, the Z14I provides the highest performance and infinite possibility that go above and beyond standard requirements for field workers. It comes with the latest 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processor, Iris® Xe graphics capabilities, and the latest NVMe PCIe SSDs technology. It can handle data-intensive tasks at speed.
U11 Rugged Tablet
Choosing between mutually exclusive I/O interfaces and devices is a thing of the past. The U11 rugged tablet has it all. It packs an unprecedented number of productivity features within its extremely compact and rugged exterior, including a detachable keyboard and generous space for further expansion. In addition, the U11 is the only fanless tablet in its class.
R11 Rugged Tablet
Every inch and detail of the R11 rugged tablet is designed to maximize the efficiency of professional field workers. It is only 0.78″ in height and weighs just 2.7lbs, making it the world’s most compact tablet in the rugged class. The R11 features a brilliant 11.6″ capacitive touchscreen and high-performance energy-smart Intel® processor for efficient use on the move.
For more details regarding Durabook’s rugged computing solutions for oil and gas, visit https://www.durabook.com/us/rugged-computers-for-oil-and-gas/. For sales inquiries, contact Sales@DurabookAmericas.com or call 800-995-8946.  
Durabook is the core brand of Twinhead International Corporation in Taiwan, a world-renowned manufacturer of rugged mobile solutions for more than 30 years. All Durabook devices are designed, manufactured, and tested to the highest standards to ensure maximum quality and reliability. Committed to engineering and service excellence, Durabook products have been widely adopted by government and enterprise customers, including oil and gas, utilities, field service, military, and public safety for more than a decade. For more information, visit http://www.durabook.com. 
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