Dumpster USA Assists Cleanup of Collapsed Amazon Warehouse in Southern Illinois

Crews led by Dumpster USA will begin the cleanup and debris removal process at the site of the Amazon warehouse collapse in Edwardsville, Illinois. 
Approximately 300 dumpsters are estimated to be needed to retrieve and haul away more than 9,000 cubic yards of debris and damage left in the aftermath of a deadly tornado that ripped through the facility Friday night, claiming the lives of six workers.
Dumpster USA was the first and only company able to provide immediate service in response to the city’s weekend emergency request for the urgent delivery of 20 dumpsters on Saturday. Equipment was at the scene within two hours, as well six Dumpster USA truck drivers and teams of workers ready to assist the police and fire agencies in any means necessary with initial recovery efforts.
Recently launched in October 2021, Dumpster USA founder Adam Butler says it’s the commitment to the speed of dispatching that sets the business apart, allowing the newly formed company to land such a large project so quickly. It’s also the reason behind starting Dumpster USA including an in-house team with 30 years of experience in the waste industry.
“You can’t plan in advance for disasters like this, and this is when it’s most important,” he said. “You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, and that’s what we pride ourselves on, it’s our unbelievably fast response time, while we react nationally to any kind of emergency of this magnitude with this type of speed.”
When portable bathroom services were needed on-site as search and recovery efforts continued late into the night on Saturday, Dumpster USA stepped in to supply, deliver, and set up facilities that were ready for use before 8 a.m. Sunday morning.
As one of the contractors hired for the cleanup of the facility, Dumpster USA will also manage the installation and implementation of on-site security, trailers, and the building of temporary offices, which are expected to begin arriving Tuesday as work resumes. Operations were temporarily halted Monday for a safety inspection of the facility, which once completed the service phase of retrieving and emptying out the debris is allowed to begin.
Dumpster USA vendors will be on-site constantly beginning on Tuesday collecting the debris to dump on an as-needed basis. Officials say cleanup at the facility will likely be a long-term project and timeline for completion is still unknown.
“It’s a moving ship, so we are just aiming to provide them with whatever tools we can to make the clean-up process as quick and efficient as possible while still making sure we respect the loss of life that occurred,” Butler said.
Despite explosive growth and the near-instant success of Dumpster USA’s national reach, company executives Adam Butler & Robert Palumbo say there is one aspect of the business that will never change. “When you call us, you’re getting the owners of the company directly,” the founders say. “You’re getting us at three o’clock in the morning on Saturday night on our cell phones, and that’s something we won’t ever waver from.”
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Source: Dumpster USA