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While we have always been confident about our work, a small validation, every now and then, motivates us to reach greater heights! Know more about InSimplify and how it’s founder, Murthy Muthuswamy, came up with this winning idea! Read here: Home Improvement. An all-in-one solution for the construction market.

Murthy Muthuswarmy is a natural problem solver. Born in a rural village in India, he first studied software engineering, landing a role with IBM, before migrating to Australia and working with a software startup in the property sector. He learnt a lot through these pursuits, but it was the experience of working with a builder on his own home that led to a breakthrough idea. Noticing how poorly the record keeping was handled, he built some simple software to make things better. This eventually became InSimplify, a cloud-based end-to-end management platform, designed specifically for the construction industry.