Dubai Wellness Centre, The Hundred Introduces Rapid Transformational Therapy

Dubai-based holistic wellness centre, The Hundred introduces Rapid Transformational Therapy to their roster of exemplary services that aim to promote wellness amongst the residents of the United Arab Emirates.

Rapid Transformational Therapy or RTT is a combination of the best practices done in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and neuroscience. Experts at The Hundred further explain:

“Through these methods, allied healthcare professionals are able to access the subconscious mind of the individual and gain insights into their suppressed emotions, values, defense mechanisms, long-term memories, and desires.”

Experts describe RTT as a method that harnesses the power of the mind. The Hundred defines that the principle works in a way wherein the mind uses its willpower to heal, and subsequently, the client begins to feel much better as a result.

“Using the process of hypnotherapy, the RTT® provider directly inputs positive suggestions to the subconscious mind that’s aimed to deliver therapeutic benefits, including relieving past traumatic experiences and releasing negative energy.”

The Hundred believes that to truly help an individual, he or she must submit completely to the process as well as follow the instructions given by the therapist.

“RTT® sessions generally involve different processes or stages wherein the clients enter a total state of relaxation and attain absolute peace of mind. These include establishing clarity and focus, accessing the subconscious, and listening daily to a voice recording that contributes to improving holistic wellbeing.”

The Hundred Wellness Centre hopes to help individuals who are experiencing difficulties in coping with depression, anxiety, depression, and PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder.

“We are dedicated to providing the best wellness services for all individuals who are experiencing challenges in their mental health. This is part of why we are in constant search for effective therapy methods such as RTT.”

The Hundred concludes that RTT is ideal for anyone who wants to encounter a transformative change in their lives and the wellness center is dedicated to supporting individuals to achieve this.

About The Hundred
The Hundred was founded by Asma Lootah, an avid health and fitness enthusiast and sportswoman. After practising and falling in love with Pilates, Asma became the first Emirati woman to own a Pilates studio in the UAE. Through her vision and dedication, a centre that started as a modest studio in the Healthcare City has gone on to become one of the leading health centres in Dubai.