Drying Flowers: New Love for an Old Practice

Dried flowers may not be a new thing in the world of home decor, but they’re certainly experiencing a resurgence in popularity as a choice for flower delivery Melbourne wide. Found at most florists, makers markets, and craft stores, dried flowers bring a simple, bohemian vibe to living spaces. Bunches of dried flowers are even available alongside their fresh counterparts by Amazing Graze Flowers, which provides flower delivery in Melbourne.
Drying flowers is also the perfect way to hold onto a cherished bouquet or just extend the life of a beautiful bunch. It’s a stylish alternative to traditional home styling. These florals are sure to be the centrepiece (and talking piece) of any home.
Want to join in on the craze by drying a bouquet at home? Melbourne florist Amazing Graze Flowers warns that not all flowers dry well, and certain varieties will fare better than others. The florist’s top picks to choose from are roses, hydrangeas, banksia, and foliage such as pampas grass and palm leaf. Amazing Graze Flowers recommends using new blooms or those that are on the verge of opening up for the best results.
To DIY a dried bouquet, here’s what to do:
Don’t have the time or the patience to dry flowers? Take a look at these professional arrangements ready for flower delivery in Melbourne by the Amazing Graze Flowers team. The Per Sempre bouquet is a compilation of the team’s favourite flowers, pairing striking pink banksia against more muted, natural tones. The Morning Coffee bouquet features whites, golds, and soft beiges.
Get in on the floral arranging fun or opt for an arrangement created by an expert florist. Whatever flower lovers choose, these everlasting arrangements of dried flowers are sure to stun. 
Source: Amazing Graze Flowers