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Americans pay considerably more for medications than citizens from other countries with similar median household incomes and federal healthcare provisioning systems. Prescription drugs cost residents living in the USA about 55% more than they do for people in other first-world countries with developed economies and similar levels of advanced healthcare. For Americans who wish to pay less when filling a prescription of theirs, it’s completely possible thanks to online international pharmacies like Canada Drugs Direct. However, the root of the issue, high-costing pharmaceuticals, still needs to be looked at.
Most Americans are provided with pricing on their Rx medication as determined by Medicare. It is the biggest U.S. buyer of pharmaceutical products, but U.S. law continues to prohibit Medicare from negotiating the price of medication directly with manufacturers. In other countries, prices are lower; this is in part because the wholesale purchasers of medications that provide them to pharmacies have more bargaining power.
If Medicare had any means of negotiating lower drug prices for consumers, it would go a long way for lowering drug prices in the USA. As more of a comparison between Canada and the USA, the single biggest contributing factor to these large price discrepancies is the USA’s free pricing system. To make a long story short, American drug producers are free to set prices on medication as they see fit and increase prices at their own discretion.
In Canada, part of Health Canada’s regulatory processes is to place restrictions on pharmaceutical manufacturers, which requires that they must price their products accordingly if they want to enjoy market access in the country. Another lesser factor is that in America DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) advertising is much more standard for Big Pharma companies. This pushes the price of medication higher, which is why patients are encouraged to create market demand for higher priced drugs, even when more affordable generics versions may be available.
Any changes or improvements with the affordability of Rx medications in America will likely be slow to come around. Ordering medication online from Canada is currently a legitimate way for Americans to pay less for prescription drugs they need, as Canadian online pharmacies can fill U.S. prescriptions.
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