Drop-In Gaming Creates Accessible Online Platform for the Average Gamer to Win Big

Breaking through the barrier from everyday gamer to playing professionally for big cash rewards can seem impossible. Unless players have a large following on Twitch or standing in the professional gaming world, finding a place to compete in the games they love for worthwhile prizes can be just out of reach. 
Many platforms offering paid tournaments for non-gaming professionals can only provide minimal payouts of up to $20. Players may as well just make bets with their friends and exchange money via Venmo — or simply pass a hat around the room. 
Co-founders Jason Atwood and Tanner Bogart saw this gap in the industry and filled it with a world-class platform where everyday gamers could connect, play, and win big money. With their combined experience in competitive gaming and the addition of their CTO Frank Strack, they created Drop-In Gaming.
“We listened to our gamers, and we heard them loud and clear,” says Atwood. “Drop-In Gaming wants to give the everyday player the same opportunity to compete for large prizes like the pros. We believe by building a platform by gamers for gamers we will revolutionize the video game online tournament arena.”
Built by gamers, for gamers, Drop-In Gaming is changing the world of online tournament gaming. Whether a player is an elite gamer or new to the scene, Drop-In Gaming is the place to show off their skills in all competitive games. 
Players can sign up for free and create their profile, and then add funds to immediately enter into competitions. Users have the opportunity to play in elimination brackets, customized matches or daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments. Drop-In Gaming’s scheduled tournaments include free entry, guarantee prize pools, and big cash payouts.
“The reason I chose Drop-In Gaming is because it’s an easier site to manage than the others I tried. A big thing for me is they ask for feedback and take care of the situation if one is brought to their attention. Drop-In designed the site to help people who may not be as good as the pros: so they have a chance to truly play with their level of competition.” –Preuss_preuss
On this world-class platform, Drop-In Gaming brings community to gamers of all ability and skill levels. Players can connect with other gamers by adding them to their social network and challenging them to a competition for cash. With gamers in full control of creating the games they want to play, the only question is — Where you droppin’?
Mike Quayle
Press Contact | Drop-In Gaming, LLC
Source: Drop-In Gaming