Driving Freelance Work in KSA: A New Partnership Between Hsoub & Future Work

Hsoub, a UK based technology company behind the largest Arabic freelancing platforms Mostaql and Khamsat, announced a partnership with Future Work, a Saudi company contracted by the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development to manage the Kingdom’s Freelance Program. In line with Vision 2030, the partnership aims to drive the adoption of new models of work within the Kingdom and build the digital skills of Saudi freelancers.
As per the agreement, Saudi freelancers will get expedited verification and extended support on the largest freelancing platforms in the MENA region – opening more job opportunities for them now and in the future.
Supporting the Kingdom’s effort to develop human capital, self-employed Saudis registered in the Freelance Program will be granted the benefit of subsidized access to all of Hsoub Academy’s premium courses on programming and other digital skills.
With digital transformation being one of the strategic pillars of Vision 2030, this strategic partnership supports these efforts and consolidates the gains achieved by the Freelance Program, which in turn helps create new opportunities for Saudi freelancers and spreads the culture of self-employment across the Kingdom.
This agreement will strengthen Hsoub’s role as a leading provider of employment and education platforms in the Arab world.
“Building strong partnerships with commercial freelancing platforms and digital marketplaces complements the objectives of the National Transformation Program and Vision 2030 and is in line with the strategic objectives of our Freelance Program in the Kingdom,” said Eng. Bandar Al Mohammadi, CEO of Future Work. “This agreement with Hsoub for their Mostaql and Khamsat platforms represents an important move towards educating Saudi freelancers and expanding their reach towards new and prosperous job opportunities, through a smooth and free-of-charge registration process on Hsoub’s various platforms,” he added.
Al-Mohammadai commended the many advantages of this partnership, which provides access to world-class training and learning opportunities to those willing to enter the freelance market, leveraging Hsoub Academy’s proven strength. “Future Work is committed to providing all the support needed to develop and nurture a healthy self-employment environment in the Kingdom.”
Abedalmohimen Alagha, CEO of Hsoub said, “We strive to create a better future for the region by increasing access to employment opportunities. We look forward to working with Future Work and all of our local partners to develop a thriving freelance ecosystem, providing aspiring Saudis with all the tools and skills they need to compete locally and globally.”
The new agreement highlights Future Work’s continuous efforts to create promising new jobs for Saudi talent, providing flexible work systems that attract the youth and encourage them to start their own business, with the flexibility needed in a new age of work.
The agreement also highlights Hsoub’s commitment to support self-employment, education, and remote work, through its various platforms. In addition to the company’s continuous investment in upskilling and employment efforts in the Kingdom and across the region.
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Source: Hsoub