DragonFlySM: Simplifying Workflow for Every Professional

DragonFlySM aims to revolutionize the way technicians get hired and look for jobs in the digitized realm. The service industry is growing at a rapid speed. DragonFlySM has been established to act as a hub for service providers, customers, and technicians, all at the same time. It gives them a common platform to connect with one another and discover affordable services, dependable suppliers, and professional technicians.
This field service management software platform came into existence to streamline the various complex service management tasks of business owners across the industry. It gives them the most efficient and user-friendly features to optimize their workflow from any location and allot different tasks to various technicians seamlessly without any delay. 
Developed with the purpose to empower entrepreneurs and give them the ability to streamline and optimize their workflow, DragonFlySM looks at reducing their costs and connecting them with customers looking for their services.
The 4 Definitive Users – The 4 Pillars Of DragonFlySM
The service provider is the vendor who puts out services for sale. Their role is to access the technician and provide their service to the end customer.
The service coordinator functions as a link between the technician and the customer. They move the ticket through the workflow and collaborate with both parties in furthering the process.
The technician is the professional who is going to be performing the final service in question. A technician can work for various service providers at the same time.
The customer is any individual who requires a particular service from a technician working for any service provider. A customer can link to many service providers, for example, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, and many more.
By using this SaaS-based platform, different service providers across the industry can connect with customers easily. They can get associated with the most reputable companies as well by creating a detailed and attractive service portfolio. Every user of this platform, such as the service providers, customers, and technicians, is able to feed information across the system. This information helps in creating a well-organized workflow that allows the customer to order services of a service provider of their choice.
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