DragonFlySM Launched to Streamline Operations of Field Service Businesses

DragonFlySM is a one-of-its-kind tech tool addressing the real struggles of managing business operations and keeping the customers pleased. The recently-launched software has created a huge buzz owing to its high functionality quotient in streamlining operations, boosting customer service, and growing its business. The founder Michael Eskenasy talks with us about DragonFlySM (dragonflysm.com), how he conceptualized the online platform and designed it with the help of his technology partner Zapbuild.
What made you conceptualize DragonFlySM?
When I was younger, my father owned a small telecom services business. I would often want to spend time with him, but he was constantly busy doing billing, inventory, bid creation, and other activities that didn’t seem important to me at the time but were the ins and outs of running a business. We didn’t spend as much time together as I wanted to when I was younger, but it made an impression on me.
Moving on with life, I worked in the field as a service technician. And later, I was brought into the Walt Disney Company as part of their service management team. While using their workflow automation software, I wondered, “why doesn’t everyone use this system?” And then I saw the price tag and the multi-million dollar implementation. Over time I understood what could be possible for small businesses.
Why is DragonFlySM important in today’s market?
We want to make a difference in how service management companies do business. So we focused on finding the synergies between processes and making them as simple as possible so companies can spend their time on value-adding activities instead of what they have to do to keep their business operating.
I haven’t seen a tool in the market that has this goal and vision. There are some great tools in the market – however, they don’t look at future growth and scaling opportunities; they tell the business they need to run a specific way. So I created this system for small service businesses; the idea is to make their business operations smooth and streamlined so they can focus and run their business the way they want.
How is DragonFlySM better than other field service management software?
That’s because we provide customized solutions and a system that will never stop growing. We want to go beyond what happens in the field and start working in the back office with accounting, recruiting, and onboarding. DragonFlySM will allow service businesses to manage their entire back office with one solution that doesn’t break the bank. And we want to keep building and making the system more valuable. For now, we are focusing on working with business owners to solve real problems that come from owning a field service business.
What has been the most crucial factor in DragonFlySM’s success?
My passion for the success of small businesses and our technical association with Zapbuild (zapbuild.com) have been the two most significant factors. I have ideas of what I want to build, and I have my opinions, but I don’t have the technical foresight to get into specific details. Zapbuild sees the vision I am going for, and their team shapes it as an ideal solution without me needing to be involved in every aspect.
For more information on DragonFlySM’s services visit https://www.dragonflysm.com/ or email michael@dragonflysm.com
Source: DragonFlySM