Dr. Thomas Newman’s New Book ‘Friends in the Garden’ is a Detective Adventure of a Boy and His Dog as They Search for the Culprit of the Missing Vegetables

Fulton books author Dr. Thomas Newman, a former Marine with an educational doctorate, has completed his most recent book “Friends in the Garden”: a wonderful children’s story that follows Aires and his dog, Lucy, as they sleuth to find out who is responsible for the loss of some vegetables in their garden. Following clue by clue, they explore the case and find more than just an answer.
Newman shares, “Friends in the Garden is a story about a boy, a dog, a garden, and how friendships can be formed in the most unusual places. Aires and Lucy are on a mission to find out who is taking vegetables from the garden. As modern-day detectives, they stumble on clues that help solve the case. Friends in the Garden is a story about these relationships and giving of oneself to help others.
The storyline is appropriate for all ages, young and old, for the overall lesson can be applied to all our lives. It is a simple story with an important message that is brought to life by the illustrations.”
Published by Fulton Books, Dr. Thomas Newman’s book carries a message worth remembering as Aires and Lucy learn about the value of kindness and friendship.
Readers who wish to experience this brilliant work can purchase “Friends in the Garden” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books