Dr. Rose Mary Stiffin’s New Book ‘Five Stethoscopes 6 Secrets: A Novel’ Looks Into a Thrilling Discovery of the Mentor’s and Each of Her Students’ Deepest Secrets

Fulton Books author Rose Mary Stiffin, Ph.D., a chair of Health and Natural Sciences at Florida Memorial University, an avid reader and researcher, and a novelist, has completed her most recent book “Five Stethoscopes 6 Secrets: A Novel”:  a gripping and exciting piece of writing about a doctor who mentors five students and loves them like her own.
Stiffin writes, “Six women’s paths cross in medical school as five of them strive to become medical doctors, sometimes against all odds. Each one must succeed, and their mentor must ensure their success. But each one of them carries a secret. Everyone has a secret. Some are innocuous; others are far-reaching and can cross both moral and ethical lines.
Meet six women living in Lincoln, Nebraska, five of whom are attending a new medical program. Their mentor, Dr. Elizabeth Hoslin, encourages them and loves them as if they were her little chicks under her wings. But she has a secret that even she is reluctant to admit.
Connie keeps her secret hidden in a drawer. Glory’s past shaped her dark secret. Candi’s secret is haunting and unbelievable, crossing both ethical and moral lines. Amaryllis has a secret that could eat at her like a cancer. Will true friendship and love enable her to share her secret? Jo doesn’t even know she has a secret. When she discovers it, will it destroy or strengthen her?
Five Stethoscopes, 6 Secrets is Stiffin’s sixth novel. If you like discovering secrets that are both warmhearted and frightening, getting to know characters you will not soon forget, then you will love this saga.”
Published by Fulton Books, Dr. Rose Mary Stiffin’s book is a touching narrative that does not only present the mentor’s noble job and support for their students’ success but also, the trust they were able to build—a trust strong enough for them to share their secrets and bare their heart out.
Readers who wish to experience this engrossing work can purchase “Five Stethoscopes 6 Secrets: A Novel” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
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