Dr. Linda Miles Releases New Mindfulness Book Focused on Building Stronger Relationships

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Dr. Linda Miles’ new book – Change Your Story, Change Your Brain for Better Relationships – offers gift buyers the perfect alternative to flowers and chocolate. This year, they can give the gift of stronger relationships by giving their loved ones the tools they need to rewire their brains in the direction of better relationships through mindfulness.  
Better relationships begin with better stories. Everyone has stories they tell themselves about who they are and their relationships with others. Negative stories trigger emotional, chemical and physical responses that can harm relationships with the people we care about most. Change Your Story, Change Your Brain for Better Relationships helps readers rewrite these stories.
People can rewrite their stories through the practice of mindfulness. Based on past experiences, neurons in the brain fire in certain patterns, causing reactions at the gut level that have little to do with current circumstances. By helping identify, understand and rewrite those stories, mindfulness uses neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain’s neural networks to change through growth and reorganization – to literally rewire the brain with new neural pathways that lead toward health and healing.
Dr. Linda Miles is a respected psychotherapist, author, public speaker and leading expert on relationships and mindfulness. Change Your Story, Change Your Brain for Better Relationships presents her combined knowledge from over 35 years as a practicing psychotherapist focusing on relationships, mindfulness, stress reduction and mental health, along with the latest scientific advances in psychology and brain chemistry. Her goal is to share how mindfulness can positively change people’s brains, their chemistry and their lives.
Dr. Miles wrote Change Your Story, Change Your Brain for Better Relationships with the busy professional in mind. Following a short introduction on mindfulness, the reader takes a 13-question quiz to identify their relationship tendencies. The rest of the book is comprised of 15 brief, easily digestible chapters on different relationship challenges. These can be read together or on their own. Each chapter features a story from literature, including Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Jane Austen, Joan Didion, Pearl Buck, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, that illustrates a typical negative story and its impacts. It then provides practical information and mindfulness practices to guide the reader in rewriting their own negative stories for more positive results.
Change Your Story, Change Your Brain for Better Relationships is available from Amazon and independent booksellers. For more information about how mindfulness can change lives for the better, visit www.drlindamiles.com and find Dr. Linda Miles on Facebook at Mindfulness Rewrites.
Source: Dr. Linda Miles www.drlindamiles.com