Dr. Levi’s New Book ‘Enslaved by Dimensions of Time’ is a Stimulating Read on the Ephemeral Nature and Purpose of Time as the Operator of the Vehicle of Life

Fulton Books author Dr. Levi, a multi-degree holder which includes the Doctor of Business Administration, has completed his most recent book “Enslaved by Dimensions of Time”: a highly interesting exposition on the infinite quality, quantity, and main purpose of Time. It expounds on the subtle and controlling effect of Time in human nature. The book also explains the relationship of time with Consistency and Focus. Furthermore, this eloquent work can be used as a guidebook on how to fulfill the divine purpose that God has designed for each of His creations.
“This book—”Enslaved by Dimensions of Time”—is designed to seamlessly move the reader from the basic understanding of the finite nature of time essence in our life to its intricate nature of Infinite Time Dimension, where it merges with the divine in fulfillment of the everlasting purpose of God for all things created by Him. It explains that the entity called ‘Time’ is truly the driver of our life and destiny and requires Consistency and Focus as its vital components in order to keep pace with it if we are really determined to accomplish much in our earthly life cycle.
“‘Enslaved by Dimensions of Time’ is a thought-provoking book that takes a rare view of the extended impact of Finite Time Dimension as the ultimate driver of the vehicle of one’s life in all spheres of the human existence, and the Infinite Time Dimension as the master regulator of the Time of our life at both the physical and the spiritual level of existence. The author believes that it is not proper to talk about managing the Time but to talk about working with the vital components of Time—Consistency and Focus—to avoid being trapped in a secular motion where the person is working against the Time instead of moving in strides with its ultimate purpose in the life of the individual. Have you ever wondered about the divine purpose of Time in the nature of your physical existence in life? Is Time a physical entity or ethereal energy on a linear, divine spiritual mission which no human entity is able to decipher? How does Time become so intricately involved in the blueprint of every aspect of our earthly existence, and has earned a notoriety for not being a respecter of persons? In this book—’Enslaved by Dimensions of Time’—you will find out how much of your Time actually belongs to you, and why a significant measure of your Time is lost operating in the Spiritual Time Zone rather than in the Physical Time Zone. Suffice it to say that as ephemeral as Time is, you may be surprised to learn that it is truly the driver of the vehicle of your life.”
Published by Fulton Books, Dr. Levi’s book is an eye-opening publication that thoroughly discusses the vital components of Time that will lead the readers to their own spiritual awakening.
Those who are interested to learn more about the Spiritual essence of the Heavenly Father will gain a lot of information in this rich and well-studied prose.
Readers who wish to experience this insightful work can purchase “Enslaved by Dimensions of Time” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books