DOTC decentralized exchange builds a new era of digital asset trading

In human social activities, “trust” is an inevitable problem. In traditional social activities, people use a credible third-party institution as a credit endorsement; Bitcoin was born in 2008, opening a new era of credit. Encryption algorithms and value consensus replace human beings as a credit medium. The idea of Bitcoin is to build a decentralized ecosystem.

However, after more than ten years of development in the blockchain industry, crypto exchanges have become the industry leader. All crypto projects are carried out around exchanges, resulting in exchanges having very large centralized powers. Power means “doing evil”. Since the birth of the exchange, from small exchanges to first-line exchanges, various user asset security incidents have occurred frequently without exception.

First-line exchanges use the supreme right to strictly control user funds and dominate the rules of the game that are beneficial to their own. This highly centralized model has seriously affected the development of the entire blockchain industry. Exchanges have been iterated from centralized to decentralized It has become a consensus in the industry that decentralized trading platforms will become the direction of future development. Global encryption users are eagerly looking forward to the maturity and application of decentralized trading platforms.

In order to solve the pain points of the current industry, the decentralized autonomous organization DAO co-developed and established the DOTC decentralized trading platform, with senior blockchain technicians from more than ten countries around the world, in order to build a decentralized trading ecosystem, build a safe and secure platform , A transparent trading environment is the consensus, and jointly promote the research and development of DOTC. Globally distributed collaborative development by technology geeks distributed in the United States, the United Kingdom, Anytime, Japan, Russia, South Korea and other countries will provide global crypto asset users with Revolutionary decentralized transaction service.

DOTC reshapes the current highly centralized model of the exchange. DOTC is developed by a decentralized organization. The operating system and development strategy are determined and autonomous by community users, and the system establishment and development trend of the platform are handed over to community users; at the same time, the establishment and improvement The liquidity mining mechanism that distributes DOTC tokens to community users to achieve joint construction, public governance, and sharing of dividends.

DOTC, the token of the DOTC decentralized trading platform, is issued based on the ERC20 protocol and has a rich application ecosystem, including lock-up dividends, commission deduction and refund, deposit payment, invitation rebates, on-chain governance, and lock-up application acceptance Multiple rich application scenarios such as business, VIP opening, etc. form a complete value closed loop, so that community users participating in the DOTC ecological construction can get rich wealth returns.

As a decentralized trading platform that realizes co-construction, co-governance, and sharing in a true sense, DOTC will play a leading edge in this track, overcome technical bottlenecks, rapidly rise and grow, serve global users, and DOTC tokens will also gain global users The value consensus of the company plays a role in various industries, truly commercialized, and promotes the stable increase of value.