Don’t Panic! OECD Says things will only get worse!

Jun 25, 2009 – recorded 8:00 EDT UK to sink further into red than any major country, warns OECD: UK has ‘biggest’ hole in finances: Government debt: Thatll be £2.2 trillion, please: Port jobs at risk as rates row escalates: Latest Schultz Shock: a ‘bank holiday’: China’s overdue credit-card debt increases: Carney: Canada’s downturn has become as deep as that in US: World Bank snuffs economic rebound: FDIC Press Releases: 3 more banks went as of Friday, to bring the total to 40 this year… Banks rush to rescue of credit card trusts: Clinton Cards buys 196 Birthdays stores: Clinton Cards buys back Birthdays: You Are The Resistance!!! Geriatric Gang Kidnaps and Tortures Financial Adviser: Pensioners ‘kidnap and torture’ financial adviser: Onion Video: US To Trade Gold Reserves For Cash Through Gold standard on last leg?: Gold Standard: Peace and Love

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