Donovan & Bank Foundation Announces New Board of Advisors

Since 2019, The Donovan & Bank foundation has quietly built a program that is considered best-in-class for helping Special Operators bring closure to their warrior story and transition to a life of peace, contentment and balance. 
The Foundation’s flagship Program is The JANUS Program. It is structured like a college curriculum, with 101, 201, 300 and 400 series workshops and lectures. According to Paul Toolan, the Foundation’s Executive Director, “JANUS is our anchor … it is the place where we change how Special Operators think about transition so they are focused on fulfillment instead of just finding a job.”
They also help Special Operators cope with the physiological and psychological wear and tear of a life in the Special Forces. The Innovative Wellness Program provides education and access to cutting-edge treatments for traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress. It’s designed to help Special Operators take ownership of their wellness and transition as whole as possible.
Over the last three years, D&B has helped thousands of Green Berets, Rangers, Delta Force and others to successfully navigate the transition from life in the military to life in the private sector. The new Board of Advisors promises to bring expertise and networks to amplify and accelerate the Foundation’s ever-growing impact. 
“We have grown faster than we ever expected, and the time was right to bring in experts who can not only help us accomplish our mission through fundraising, but also provide organizational guidance and private sector mentorship,” said Toolan.
The Board of Advisors represents a wide spectrum of expertise from across the Nation:
Jon Loew, President and CEO of Big Media Holdings.
Vivek Mehra, Partner Emeritus at August Capital and co-founder of Cobalt Networks.
Jai Saboo, Chief Executive Officer at Harmonia Holdings
Julia Munro, Chief Executive Officer, Munro Enterprises
Jonathan Moneymaker, Chief Executive Officer, BlueHalo
David Alfonso, Founder, Chairman and CEO, EIH Capital Partners
David Justman, Managing Director, UBS Wealth Management 
Keith Bertolino, Chief Executive Officer, Cipher Tech Solutions
Robert Schneider, President, Lexipol Media Group
Birken Olson, CEO and Co-founder, CommunityMed Urgent Care
Dr. Eugene Lipov, Chief of Medicine, The Stella Center
According to Jon Loew, the Board President, the focus of the Board of Advisors for the next 12 months will be fundraising. “Our most immediate impact will be to help relieve the burden of fundraising from the small Donovan & Bank staff, so they can focus on delivering transition assistance and advocacy to the Nation’s Special Operators,” said Loew. The board set a goal to recruit at least two corporate sponsors in 2023 and to sell out the Foundation’s annual Special Operations Experience fundraiser, an exclusive invite-only event that lets civilians experience Special Forces training side-by-side with active duty and recently retired Special Operators. 
Source: The Donovan & Bank Foundation