Donna Anne Pace Invites Women to Break Their Silence – Global Book Project

Miss Donna Anne Pace, CEO of One Voice Publishing, Motivational Speaker and Advocate for Domestic Abuse, is looking for Co-Authors who would be willing to share their stories of surviving abuse and become an International Published Author in 2019! Donna Anne Pace is absolutely thrilled to announce that Dr.Miriam Dalli, Member of European Parliament in Malta, invited Donna to meet with her in Malta in September this year to find out more about this new project. Moreover, Dr. Miriam Dalli MEP, has kindly offered to endorse this book project by writing the Foreword. The backing of a very prominent Maltese Politician will surely return Donna uncountable credits. Donna’s worldwide acclaim does not stop there! At the beginning of November this year, Donna was contacted by the President of the Labour Party for Women in Malta, and has been cordially invited to be one of their Lead Speakers at their conference on domestic abuse at the end of November, in Malta. Donna Anne Pace is living proof that no matter what life throws at you, if you have the right mindset and right people by your side, anything is possible!

After the global success of her first book “The Reinvention of Me” – a journey of self-discovery in a disenchanted world, and attending the Global Sisterhood Mastermind & Gala in Pittsburgh, USA, in April this year. Donna Anne Pace has decided, with the current media climate surrounding the #MeToo Campaign, that now is the time to start working on this new book which is aimed at creating the platform needed for women across the world to share their stories of surviving abuse, albeit from an intimate relationship or not, and to give them the opportunity to finally break their silence. Donna is very passionate and determined in her mission to help women around the world who are walking, or have walked in the same shoes as her, and to find the courage to get their voices heard.

Donna Anne Pace is a head-strong, independent, eloquent businesswoman who has encountered severe challenges in her own life, of which allows her to be able to show understanding and compassion towards other women. Donna has faced the most terrible of traumas in her life, one of which was the very tragic loss of her beloved 12 year old child to Leukemia. Donna has an amazing sense of inner-strength and courage and continually strives for a better life by persevering and remaining positive. Donna Anne Pace is receiving amazing 5* reviews on Amazon after she wrote her first book, ‘The Reinvention of Me’, and her very personal story has featured in international newspapers and magazines in Malta, UK, and in the United States. Donna has a beautiful way of writing and expressing her own life experiences in a way that seeks to inspire, educate, motivate and empower everyone.

Donna Anne Pace is fully committed to help re-invent and empower women from every walk of life, and this new book will surely be a worthwhile contribution for the well-being of humanity, Donna finally found her voice this year, and now she feels its time to help women around the world to find theirs. This is your time now to change your life, just like Donna Anne Pace has, and find that inner-courage and strength to share with the world your very own personal unique story. Donna Anne Pace has a vast circle of very high-profile connections in the United States and in Malta, and is going to work towards getting this book onto the Best Sellers List!

“No one should live a life in pain, anguish, feeling broken, and with a constant feeling of guilt. You are not the Perpetrator, you are a Survivor! The Perpetrator is very clever at playing the ‘victim’, yet you all know within your heart and soul the real truth, and this shall set you free”! D.A.Pace

Interested Co-Authors may contact Miss Donna Anne Pace to grab this amazing opportunity of becoming an International Published Author! Limited places available.

“Together we are stronger, together we are Global Warriors”! D.A.Pace

Miss Donna Anne Pace, South West England, United Kingdom. Author, Motivational Coach & Speaker, Writer, Advocate for Domestic Abuse. Proud Mum.