Don Boyd’s New Book, ‘Watermelon Canyon’, Is a Thrilling Coming-of-Age Tale About a Boy in Over His Head Running His Family Ranch After the Untimely Death of His Father

Don Boyd, born in Arkansas and raised in Missouri, has completed his new book, “Watermelon Canyon”: a coming-of-age tale about a boy who struggles to carry on his father’s legacy and run the family ranch.
Horses had always been a big part of Boyd’s life. After the army, he moved to New Mexico and started working with horses. People around him were amazed at the way horses took to him. As he met other cowboys along the way, he was eager to learn more, and much of his knowledge of horses and the cowboy life is included in his book.
He started catching wild horses out in the desert and trained them. He found out that the horse, no matter how wild, would rather be his friend than his enemy. He worked with horses and cattle for 40 years. His favorite thing was to pack out into the wilderness. That’s where he decided to start writing.
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Boyd’s tale begins when Wally, a rancher’s son, was not allowed to go out with his father to tend the cattle. Instead, he was to stay at the house and cook for the hands that his father had working for him. He also was left to tend the stock at the barn, never learning the ups and downs of running a ranch. One day, the foreman came to the house to tell Wally that his father had died out on the range.
Wally, now in charge, was afraid. Not knowing what to do, he decided to catch some wild horses. Being young but needing something to do, he set out to build a trap. After the trap was completed and he was on his way home, he came across a man called Tom Darby who would change his life.  
Readers who wish to experience this harrowing tale can purchase “Watermelon Canyon” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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